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10:11 AM on 03/25/14
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04:38 PM on 10/24/11
Just live a little.
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Spence's Avatar
just came across your 26th birthday blog.. and it made me smile. That shit is real. You grow up and you get a little jaded. But you look back at who you were ten years ago and as much as you laugh at how naive you were, you wish it would come back. That emotion, that vulnerability, that realness.

stumbled across it when i was looking for some new starting line news. Haven't been on this site in months/years.. used to check it everyday. On this day I'm 23.. and I'm busy.. and I don't buy 4 cds a week.. and i even catch myself listening to the radio on the way to work, yikes.. and I don't see live shows.. and I don't wear early november zip ups and think i am a badass because half the city has never heard of them.. in fact i wear a shirt and tie five days a week... and all the girls i date, i never put myself out there like i did when i was 15.

I think it's time to make a change, can't forget where you came from.

kid just lit a fire under my ass..
08:33 PM on 10/09/11
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_GOOSE's Avatar
I like your taste, in well, everything it seems. Just thought I'd throw that out there since I was creeping on your profile...I mean what.
12:14 AM on 10/01/11
hxc before marc mccoy was emo semen
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DilesMavis's Avatar
i am not sure what it was that i did to deserve such awesome cool great kudos here but i love it
05:12 PM on 09/28/11
hxc before marc mccoy was emo semen
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DilesMavis's Avatar
11:55 PM on 01/13/11
Anarchist Cat Owner
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AP_Punk's Avatar
that song totally calls for a spike collage like that! hahah. now i'll never look at that tune the same way again.
09:36 AM on 08/16/10
Anarchist Cat Owner
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AP_Punk's Avatar
hahha. so awesome. glad i'm not the only single dork who's a completest in that way, when it comes to tv show dvds. haha. i know what you mean! and plus, having all those series gives ya' something to do when there's nothing to do/no one wants to hang out, and it's the weekend. sigh.

i remember one valentines day a few years back i spent that whole day in my cave, watching veronica mars - good times!

anyway, yea, Angel's a cool show to check out too - a little more "mature"/darker/serious-y than Buffy but still has the same witty/snappy/smart dialogue and all that. Plus you can geek out when there's inside jokes and callbacks to Buffy that are made throughout the series, or at least that's what i did. hah.

08:52 AM on 08/16/10
Anarchist Cat Owner
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AP_Punk's Avatar
hahah, that's awesome to hear! the series gets a little bumpy and wiggy for a while in the middle seasons i think but overall it's still a good time. you ever watch the Angel series? i never really paid attention to that til earlier this year when a friend, who's a total buffy-fangirl, told me to try it out and it's just as awesome as Buffy, imo. another series to look into!
09:35 PM on 08/13/10
shit stroll
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shit stroll's Avatar
07:48 PM on 06/18/10
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CellarGhosts's Avatar
Haha, nice! I've been on a huge FF kick this week, as you could probably tell. Been all about There Is Nothing Left To Lose, In Your Honor and Echoes Silence Patience & Grace, which I feel is a pretty underrated album. At least, I don't think it's nearly as bad as some fans made it out to be back when it first came out. Maybe I was just talking to the wrong people, ha.
11:37 PM on 05/05/10
I'm looking for the upsides
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ikikwe's Avatar
That sounds incredible. The Murder for Death show was great, even though I was pretty drunk for the majority of it. I did meet some people that graduated last year. Uh, this kid Matt Cap and this guy Jerome who liked ASOB. Cool guys. If you ever swing back around campus for a spring concert or what not, let me know and I'll buy ya a drink or something haha.
06:36 PM on 05/05/10
I'm looking for the upsides
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ikikwe's Avatar
Hey dude, this is going to sound kind of weird, but a while ago we talked about Quinnipiac University and you asked if I was a QAQ member and I said no.

I can now proudly say my best friends are with WQAQ and your post immediately came to mind when I started hanging out with them. So, apologies for the weird recollection haha, just thought you might like to know.
05:59 AM on 05/03/10
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stereokiller's Avatar
your ataris posts sold me into adding you as a friend, haha.
06:35 AM on 04/12/10
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xapplexpiex's Avatar
Funny user name hahah.
02:12 PM on 03/22/10
just a quiet evening
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aloneatlastnj's Avatar
user with one of the best musical tastes on this site. bravo!
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