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personal note....kaaaaaaaa
wel i love art and love music..in my books they go well together!ha ha but cant play any musical instraments...well honestly iv neva realy tried but i know i should!...hmm but i love photography it makes life so much more interesting. i luv laughing... again i lurrrv my art...fun fun fun!! not to sure what sports im into but luv dancing whether its with my friends, alone or in the rain, singins also kewl although i dont think ya wud wana eva hear me sing.... i luv lips.... and of corse some of my favorite people...didi, micks and nathan i hate you!...oh and SUM guys with glasses : )ha ha OOh yeah and i lurrrv the word chaos! what a beautifull word! ha ha ooohhhhhhhhh and i heart lyin out side in the middle of roads and lookin at the star...oooww! and i dono why im tellin ya all of this?!?!
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HeY HeY hEy! Wow im not to sure how to explain my self....hmm... um but yeah im not gona write out everything about me...so yeah i like ta smile! and iv always wanted ta go into the black hole in space or the bamuda triangle! im bored....oooh i wana be a pirate! arrrg! haha!?!?
Favorite Songs
it realy changes all the time cause i cant listen to one or two songs too much...i mean it could get a lil anoying! if ya know what i mean, but i will always LOVE 'bohemian rapsody' from queen..what a rockin song! oh and tv is bad for you-rudimentals! oooh then under pressure-the used & my chemical romance...da da da dum
Favorite Bands
dead poetic,coheeden and cambria, taking back sunday, mxpx, nofx, thursday, pennywise, my american heart, fuzigish, finch, afi, the used, funeral for a friend, hawthorn heights, brand new,half price...dont know em that well but liked a couple of their songs..., mighty mighty bostones,from first to last,the cure, futher seems forever, meriwether, emokid josh, ten second epic, twice shy, heirs, alkaline trio, the pixies,anti-flag, ramones, rancid, at the drive in, drive by,alexisonfire, hot hot heat, billy talent, bad religion, refused, rudimentals,eagels of death metal,archie star, the hush sound, matchbox romance, armor for sleep,a thorn for every heart,the donnas, new york dolls, scary kids scaring kids,social distortion, academy is, cursive,city bowl mizers,blood brothers, queen, the decemberists....and on and on and on.....
Favorite Books
hmm....'the reunion', readin 'suger skull'...ooh strange book?!?!
Favorite Movies
donnie darko,life aquatic, fight club, matchstick men,willy wonka and the chocolate factory, zoolander,idle hand,the nightmare before christmas,corpse bride,pulp fiction, with out a paddle,the chumscrubber-raddest movie eva!, party monster,alice in wonderland...hehe, pirates of the caribean,the wizard of Oz, the spongebob movie...ha ha, um....yeah oh and i know this isnt a movie but i love the twilight zone!
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04:06 PM on 06/30/06
Kiss Kiss Bang!
beautiful is the dead
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Kiss Kiss Bang!'s Avatar
aint that a freakn a.. gosh! uv been al hush hush since uv found my space isnt that great.. welll well got nothing ta say really kind of bored! gooooooooooooooooooooooooodddddddnn nnnnnnnnniite
09:13 AM on 06/18/06
Fuckn Kangaroos
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Nate1423's Avatar
ive been doin good...
im at my friends house he had a bonfire last night.......fun
probably have pics from it.....but anyways alot of the stuff i do i dont think is that good ,but my art teacher seems to think its "wonderful" and shes put a couple of my things on art on loan. right now im finishing up a couple of paintings that are supposed to be in the scholastic art fair thing.
i like to go to the D.I.A. every once in a while to look at what theve got there.
and yeah i like conceptual art too partly b/c thats mostly what my granpa use to do.
but anyways whats ^?
07:52 AM on 06/17/06
Kiss Kiss Bang!
beautiful is the dead
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Kiss Kiss Bang!'s Avatar
xxx...Kylie bleh blah...xxx

Im hungry! grrr i wana kill you know who!? ahhhhhh
i feel so gross and dirty ahhhhh i think i wana kots on myself......... i wana go party tanite cum with me please pretty fuck i feel disgusting i plucked my eyelashes today and now they are non exsistant im afraid to walk out the house ha ha ha it will kinds be like moooololle mooollle moley ya know what im sayin? or no not really?
ahhhhh i think im gona paint today do sum arty farty shit i feel doing sumtin really weird and go lie in the middle of the road count till five till a birds shits on my kop kinds like she craped on a turtle...
ahh yeh i know im gona go to the park and take sum weird pics... hmmm that cud work...
ha ha i have nightmares of the time i stood on a dead cat... ahhh
wow this is a long comment im so fuckin bored.... i think im gonna go now? now what was the point of reading this? hmmmm
but toodles have a kewl day c ya tanite
im hungry!

Lief jou meisie kind MMMwa!
04:21 PM on 06/14/06
Fuckn Kangaroos
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Nate1423's Avatar
hey whats up? i saw that u like art so do i
i have a buncha paintings and things that i did
do u just like to look at it or do u make ur own stuff? jw
06:16 PM on 06/12/06
trust no bitch
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shes.a.ghost's Avatar
hey hey hey to you too
12:17 PM on 06/11/06
Kiss Kiss Bang!
beautiful is the dead
User Info.
Kiss Kiss Bang!'s Avatar
But some things never get better
like used cars and bad livers.
So you traded her in for a better looking brand.
One with fake porno tits
a pad lock on her lips
disposable tan
biodegradable hands

Ellooo how R ya? im so excited for this weeknd for sum weird strange reason...
ha ha yeah ek miss adrian en hulle...
good luck for exams tomoz! ha ha
nitey nite lekker slappies:D
12:47 PM on 06/05/06
Kiss Kiss Bang!
beautiful is the dead
User Info.
Kiss Kiss Bang!'s Avatar
:-D Ellooo vomit flavoured juicy matabella monkey star!
Nathan is fuckin freaking the shit out of me... if its not nathan! ahhh id be fuckin scared! id sleep with a gun.. wait i dont think il even sleep..... no offense to him! ha ha ha

GOOD LUCK FOR EXAMS tomoz... ha ha im gonna fail...
F- ahhhhhh im dead!
Lurrve ya u lil pirate!

12:10 PM on 06/02/06
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
i am going to write this in big letters so its easy for you to understand:
you are fucking insane,i am not that fucking nathon kid,FUCK!!. and who are you to tell me that i am judgemental you are the one calling me a loser and you dont even know who i am.i think thats were the saying:'dont judge a book from its cover comes from"!?
and if you look it up i think that is the exact definition of judgemental, you hypocrite so whatever, i wanted to get to know you but you are just like the rest of them, superficial and moraly draining.
and you were right its true these sites are pathetic, people make them to make friends but when someone reachess out to you , you jump to the conclusion that you know them or something like that....wake up there there are more than 2 people in the world. i dont even have the energy to waste to carry on so whateva enjoy your life, i tried
10:50 AM on 05/29/06
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
Hey baby why havent you been replying, its been so long and all thats changed is you , you just get more beautiful with every passing moment.i cant wait until we are together it will be everything i have every hoped for, and we will never be apart, never...
09:58 PM on 05/26/06
A Man Alone
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adelphi_rocks's Avatar
kylie? i know a lot of kayli's...
06:10 AM on 05/14/06
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
oh what i feel for you is more than love it is so much more than a physical attraction to you, this might help put things into proportion:
Open your self, let me inside
Open your arms, I have nowhere
To go, so let me in to you
I need to be where nothing can hurt me
Open your legs, to let me crawl
Inside of you, I need to be
Inside your womb, So take me home
Inside of you, envelope me, I'm home
I wanna be your baby
Bringin' me down
Bringin' me down
Open your lips and take me in
I need to be inside within
Let me become a part of you
Let me inside of you, swallow me whole
I want to know the things you hide
I want to feel the things you feel
I want to breath the air you breathe
I want to live inside of you, take me
Bringin' me down
I wanna be your baby
Let me live inside

we are meant to be together...

04:12 AM on 05/14/06
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
Dont get angry i want me and you to get together, im not going to hurt you, we can be like 2 little Fonzi's, cool?
and in my dreams i cut your mouth from ear to ear
dissecting your angelic body in the quiet of your room
how splendidly i carve into your tender heart
shuddering between the sheets
06:25 AM on 05/13/06
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
WOW, you really arent thAT SMART, look past your own ignorance and look at your comments, i can go to the pages through there. but shame i feel kinda sorry for you
06:59 AM on 05/12/06
Kiss Kiss Bang!
beautiful is the dead
User Info.
Kiss Kiss Bang!'s Avatar
ha ha ha ello ya lil russian weirdo!
how ya been?! me just kewl kewl!
dam nathan is starting to freak me out ha ha ha he its so funny how he denys its him! i mean you cant deny the truth dum dum dum da...
bllllaaa i feel sick! he he he anyways praat met jou later
mad cow disease
lief jou <3
10:20 AM on 05/09/06
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
fuck me i thought i was wierd, but fuck you take the cake, in fact you take the entire fucking bakery. you might be sexy but your crazy!!!!!
p.s use punctuation i havent got a clue what your talking about with the micki and me not not on our pages or something.....
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