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10:51 AM on 03/29/10
every moment bleeds into one
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thanks for the reunion shows, i expect me & the moon at bamboozle NJ :)
11:48 PM on 10/02/09
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Can you please jump on the bandwagon and get a twitter? Sure they are lame to some but it's the social networking revolution and I am sick of hearing about how shitty the weather is or how everyone's life sucks. You can be technologically retarded and still use it. Besides I feel like you'd have more interesting things to say than most.

Look into it, seriously!
07:45 PM on 10/01/09
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Hi Andrew,
You probably don't read this often, but that's ok. Just thought I'd put this out here. I commented this on the JM website too, but hey, what can once more hurt? I can not WAIT to see you Oct 6th at the Varsit in Minneapolis.. I've been a fan of yours for nearly 10 years now..
I'd honestly be so grateful if you played any of these songs at the show on Oct 6th.. 'Walking By', 'Rescued', 'Globes & Maps', 'Unravel' or 'Spinning'. A little of everything across the map.
Also, I'm contemplating getting a tattoo inspired by you. I'm really liking 'I swim for brighter days despite the abensce of sun', or 'Please don't get me rescued', however I was thinking in your handwriting would be SO insane. Hopefully I'll be able to track you down at the show on the 6th.
You're truly truly an inspiration to every single one of your fans.. we love you because you've got a heart that is SO rare to find in people these days. So rare. You're the most lyrically talented person I've come across.. Please continue to make music until you physcially can't any longer. :)

03:50 PM on 09/24/09
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I'm attending both NYC and the Philly show...and the movie premier...and I saw your solo NYC show in april and both Jersey shows with the Fray...

Requests for the NYC/Philly shows:


Doris Day

Walking By


I was aching to hear I'm on Fire, but you rocked American Girl both Jersey shows. I am sure I will be amazed at all three shows, as I was the last three.
11:05 PM on 09/23/09
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Dear andrew,

Sorry to contact you like this. I just have a few questions that i would like to ask you, since i missed out on the live chat. I don't want to waste any of your time, so just reply when you can and i will send the questions. Thank you very much for you music and everything else you do.

06:45 PM on 09/23/09
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Dear Andrew,

Thank you so much for doing the question and answer session tonight. I really appreciate it and I'm sure it was very overwhelming to have so many questions flying at you. I wanted to take a moment and share my Jack's Mannequin story with you...

When I was in 6th grade, Dark Blue came up on my sister's Ipod (we were driving home from a babysitting job). To give you an idea of how much that moment changed me, I still remember the exact light I was at.

Later that year, my sister gave me a copy of Everything In Transit for a trip up to San Diego. Over that short trip, I connected with your works more then I ever have with anything...

JM became the first real band that I was genuinely interested in and followed. I carried around some others (Guster, The Rocket Summer...), but JM shared such a strong bond with me. It was as if the songs were written just for me.

At the time, I had quit both the violin and piano due to lack of interest (among things...). In seventh grade, with my interest in music again on the rise thanks to you, I picked up guitar. Over the past three years since, I have joined 4 different bands, taught several people, and played at least 20 concerts or so (although they were only jazz concerts, I think they count). The other day I played my first paying gig!

You are more then an inspiration. I may not play everything just like you, or dress just like you, or live my life just like you, but you have created a life of music within me that might have never happened, as well as a dedication to charity. Not to mention I don't think I will ever be able to sing normally ;)

So thank you. For everything you do. I hope I get to meet you inperson someday.

Until Next Time,
Griffin DeWitt
Tucson, AZ
06:14 PM on 09/23/09
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Hey Andrew, how are you? I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to come and talk to us :) If you like doing this maybe you would conside joining Modlife (www.modlife.com) it's Tom DeLonge's website where artists can sign up and have their own page and from there they can chat with the fans, do live broadcasts, pay per view events, posts blogs, photos, videos, podcasts, tour dates, etc. It is a great interactive website. Tom has it for Angels & Airwaves and he gets on and cams and talks to us and he also had meet & greets set up where premium members could sign up. He is even planning on releasing his next Angels & Airwaves album for free through there. I don't know it's just a suggestion or you could get one for the Dear Jack Foundation as well, i think it will be a good way to create more awareness about it. Well there is the link if you want to check it out & if you are interested you could contact Tom and I'm sure he will be more than happy to tell you all about it and show you all the features.
Well thank you so much for everything Andrew!! Hope you can come to Mexico City someday :)

Best wishes on your tour,
04:29 PM on 09/23/09
Miss Delaney :D
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Dear Andrew,

My name is Jane. Iím fourteen, I live in a small town where unfortunately no one has ever heard of you. L Iím disappointed really. Anywhom. I wanted to tell you that Iím one of the youngest to know you, and Iím really really excited about Dear Jack. Also, another thing is I know thereís a slim chance youíll ever read this, mostly because youíre busy and probably get a lot of these letters. I wanted to express my profound gratitude towards you and your sharing your talent with the world. Itís great, really. Your music literally speaks to my soul. I feel like The Glass Passenger and Everything In Transit are the literal soundtracks to my life. Though a lot of people probably tell you that.

Thank you. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Iíd come to every concert, if I could. I canít obviously because Iím fourteen and my mom doesnít get why Iím in love with music. So, thanks.

Now I wanted to ask, if there was any way I could get something signed. Iím one of your biggest fans. Iíve even MEMORIZED every piece of music(legal and otherwise) that pertains to you. I wasnít around during your Something Corporate days, but Jackís Mannequin makes me want to smileÖor cry. It just brings me to very good place that is an escape. Anyway, aside from the melodramaticalness of my obsession, I would be so thankful if I had something signed by you. It would mean the WORLD to me. Again, Iím only asking and I know you probably wonít even read this at all. I understand if you donít. Actually, just a reply would be nice. HA. Iíd probably frame it and hang it up in my room. If this is a possibility, email me at smeyerjr001@yahoo.com

Thank you, Andrew. You are truly an inspiration and Iím glad the world gets to witness it.
03:28 PM on 09/23/09
Some days all I do is watch the sky
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I swim for brighter days, despite the absence of sun.
01:59 PM on 09/23/09
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You are amazing and such a great writer. Want to write my college admissions essay for me? haha I can only wish that some day my lyrics can come out a tenth as beautiful as yours.

I was going to see you live when you went to Somerville because it so happens I will be there that day to visit Tufts U. but your tickets sold out super quick so I'm ticketless :( So therefore your mission: come to Connecticut again so I can see you!!!!

Good Luck on Tour!!!!!

01:54 PM on 09/23/09
c o l o r s
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To call you my favorite musician would be an understatement. I could sit here for days recounting all the ways in which you have made an impression on me. Your music has been a part of my life since i was in 8th grade (I'm now a college sophomore) and I know that when I'm older and I look back on my life, the first thing I'm going to think about is your music. I've been privileged enough to see your bands perform five times (I haven't missed an Atlanta show in over 4 years) and I've done numerous school projects on your music. I've acquired somewhere around $1000 in jacks mannequin and something corporate merch and for Christmas last year, I got copyright symbol tattooed on my foot to always show my respect. I am so genuinely excited about the chat tonight, and congrats on the successful release of Dear Jack! You deserve it!

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