Favorite Albums
O, 52nd Street, Drawn to Revolving Doors, Born to Run, The Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle, Everything in Transit, Deja Entendu, Purple Rain, Separation Sunday, Boys and Girls in America, The '59 Sound, Toto IV, TAYF, Fearless, North, In the Wee Small Hours, Dizzy Up the Girl, Reach for the Sun, TDAG, IKSSE:3, Mark Cohn, Live at the Harlem Square Club, GRatitude, The Way It Is, TTTYG, The Listening, Boys and Girls in America, Chase This Light, Nether Lands, Commit This to Memory, Gutterflower
Favorite Songs
Iris, Summer Highland Falls, The Hard Way Every Time, Boots of Spanish Leather, Little Red Corvette, When You Gracefully Creep In, Alone, Chelsea Hotel No. 2, Slow Down, Thunder Road, Awake in the Morning, The Promise, In Tune, Hold Me Down, I Go to Extremes, Like Riding a Bike, Time Consumer, Walk Away Renee, Purple Rain, Joey, I Would Stay, Faithfully, Symphony of Blase, Cannonball, The '59 Sound, I Would Die 4 U, Incident on 57th Street, Hide and Seek, The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot, September Gurls, Everything with You, Blood Bank, Fighting for Nothing, Wake Up, Remember December, Cool, Changes, Take Cover, Come Pick Me Up, Hurricane J, Alelaide, Harwich, Take 'Em As They Come, A Change Is Gonna Come, The French Inhaler, God Only Knows and thousands more.
Favorite Bands
Damien Rice, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Chad Perrone, Jonah Matranga, Jack's Mannequin/Something Corporate, The Hold Steady, Copeland, Dan Fogelberg, Prince, Warren Zevon, Fall Out Boy, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Motion City Soundtrack, Counting Crows, The Dangerous Summer, Jimmy Eat World, Goo Goo Dolls, Lights, Bon Iver, Taylor Swift, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Nina Simone, Tegan and Sara, Harry Belafonte, Bob Cleary
Favorite Books
East of Eden, Anything by Langston Hughes, A Raisin in the Sun,The Grapes of Wrath, Ethan Frome, Romeo and Juliet, And Then There Were None, any Sherlock Holmes story, Farewell My Lovely, Harry Potter 1-7, A Streetcar Named Desire, Hamlet, Cyrano De Bergerac, Love Is a Mixtape, The Importance of Being Earnest, The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Favorite Movies
#1 - It's a Wonderful Life The rest: Casablanca, Rear Window, Mary Poppins, Clue, The Pink Panther, Slumdog Millionaire, The Third Man, The Empire Strikes Back, Duck Soup, West Side Story, Top Hat, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Finding Nemo, Ghostbusters, My Fair Lady, To Kill a Mockingbird, A Raisin in the Sun, 12 Angry Men, The Wizard of Oz
Favorite TV Shows
Parks and Recreation, Veronica Mars, Battlestar Galactica, The Office, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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11:00 AM on 08/20/12
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Grohl's Avatar
Dude! Any new HIH coming?
12:44 PM on 05/29/12
Dustin Harkins
Just fuck my QBs up
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Dustin Harkins's Avatar
Most band members always have their own album cover as their avatar and when I see yours I keep thinking you're Bruce Springsteen. Oops.
03:35 PM on 04/18/11
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Grohl's Avatar
I actually have, and it's fantastic. It really adds a cool factor to know I read some of your lyrics here before hearing the songs.
05:46 PM on 04/06/11
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Grohl's Avatar
My girlfriend and I love everything you've done Hailey, It Happens. I keep humming the chorus to Aurora. Just thought I'd drop by and mention that. =D
03:40 PM on 04/06/11
we're taking on the world together.
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firecrackaaa!'s Avatar
01:43 AM on 02/01/11
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vivatoto56's Avatar
I'm a little bit late, but congrats on the blue name.

I've been listening to Hailey, It Happens like crazy (ever since you put it up for free...haha) and I'm absolutely loving it.

I love the opening verse on the first song, all the Springsteen references and whatnot.

Do you have your lyrics posted anywhere online by chance?
09:55 PM on 01/26/11
all hope lies in Doom
User Info.
xapplexpiex's Avatar
Nice to see you got the upgrade to the blue name! :)
03:30 PM on 12/05/10
my blood flows harshly
User Info.
IntoTheSun's Avatar
My new sig isn't that glorious honestly. Just tryna keep it simple. But I appreciate your determination <3
04:11 PM on 10/19/10
I'm just beautiful me...
User Info.
DickfaceChillah's Avatar
Hey, fellow fuckin' movie nerd. What should I watch tonight? I've already got The Conversation.
10:19 PM on 09/11/10
You keep company with wolves.
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andthetruthwill's Avatar
Hey, it was good talking to you tonite. I listened to your ep on the way home, and I have a good feeling I'll be listening to it much more. Thanks again for it. Next time I see you guys play, I'll buy a bracelet.
04:58 PM on 09/11/10
soft dick rock
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sargentlgfuad's Avatar
you were completely right. newbury comics is incredible!
12:24 AM on 08/28/10
c o l o r s
User Info.
ohheroine's Avatar
stoked to see boots of spanish leather in your favorite song list. one of my favorite dylan songs, way under appreciated.
11:32 PM on 08/23/10
soft dick rock
User Info.
sargentlgfuad's Avatar
oh, wow. thank you so much, i really appreciate it. i'll definitely be resorting to your tips for when i'm up there.
10:39 PM on 08/23/10
soft dick rock
User Info.
sargentlgfuad's Avatar
that sounds so cool! definitely will go there, and i think i did a few years ago when i visited Harvard... but i sorta like touristy stuff and culture stuff... i saw where the Adams' are buried and their house and whatnot, i did a duck tour, visited Salem, and been to a Red Sox game. idk, anything that's like a must see, or must go. restaurant-wise or site-seeing wise, or anything really... cause i'm going to be so lost in the city.
10:15 PM on 08/23/10
soft dick rock
User Info.
sargentlgfuad's Avatar
i'll just continue the conversation here, ha. so what are some good spots/places that i should know about/see? or any other advice would be really awesome, too.
get out of here, Chris, go sip a margarita to Hizzle Belaboombaye or whoever, I'm dreaming about a better life

Yeah the one dude who loves 50's-80's music more than life itself hasn't heard Under Pressure cmon son

oh god, chris is spittin game like an bulemic parker brother

I don't remember. Probably something about a beard and hating you.

Okay, I was wrong about the Lively accent. You fucking nice-ass Boston motherfucking oxymoron. STOP DEFYING STEREOTYPES.

Who cares? She's rad. Although I'd venture to guess you don't have any shame, being a Taylor Swift fan and all.

I hope a bird pooped on you today, or better yet, pooped in your food when you weren't looking.

This threads already been derailed 95 times by Chris and I. So, if you derail it, certainly don't feel bad, haha.

Yeah, he tends to be like that. Tags along and agrees with everything you say as a young newbie...and then suddenly, free thoughts!! They grow up so fast :bluesad:

I want to spell like that. I just seems classier. If it was good enough for Shakespeare, it's good enough for me. Which is why I pepper my speech with "doth"s and "hath"s.
Hailey, It Hath Happened

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