The 1975 were guests on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show this morning and took part in the "Call or Delete" prank phonecall game. Matty Healy not only prank called Niall Horan and Harry Styles of One Direction but also confirmed that he is writing music for the group (which may add more of an explanation to this photo). Listen to the whole bit in the replies.
Kyle Huntington on 03/26/14 - 02:33 PM
John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday had an interview with The Gunz Show about his new album, Happiness Is..., what album they won't be playing songs off on their upcoming tour, and even a Straylight Run reference. You can listen to it on idobi.
Christian Wagner on 03/26/14 - 07:52 AM
American Authors have hit #1 on the Adult Top 40.
"Best Day of My Life" lifts 2-1 on Adult Top 40. First released on the Brooklyn band's self-titled EP, which topped Heatseekers Albums for two weeks in January/February, the song doubles as the lead track from its debut full-length "Oh, What a Life," due on next week's Billboard 200. The song (up 23-21 on the Hot 100) is a band's first career-opening single to rule Adult Top 40 since the Lumineers' "Ho Hey," which led for eight weeks and became the format's top title of 2013.
Jason Tate on 03/17/14 - 10:31 AM
Justin Timberlake's third single, "Not A Bad Thing," will be issued to Top 40 radio on February 25th. The radio edit can be heard in the replies.
Joe DeAndrea on 02/20/14 - 01:46 PM
Kevin Lyman of the Vans Warped Tour will be on The Gunz Show tonight to address critics of this year's lineup, to tease more bands, and to talk about what fans can expect. Listen at 9 PM EST at idobi.
Christian Wagner on 02/12/14 - 06:08 PM
The National were a guest on Bret Easton Ellis' recent podcast.
Jason Tate on 01/28/14 - 11:19 AM
John Roderick was recently interviewed on the CMD+Space podcast, and he brought up some intereting thoughts on the internet, bands, marketing your music, and how having more of everything has led to us being statisfied with worse. I found the podcast from Marco's blog, and he pulled out some interesting quotes:
I hate to sound curmudgeonly, but Ö what is inevitable is that the mean quality of everything is declining. In the early í70s, it was very expensive to make a record, and you had to be really good at it to even get into the studio to give it a shot. The record companies were very selective, and the music that made it all the way out to the marketplace was astonishingly good....
Jason Tate on 01/21/14 - 04:41 PM
Matt Berninger (The National) was a recent guest on the Pete Holmes' podcast.
Jason Tate on 01/08/14 - 11:49 AM
Starting at 5pm Central Raw Feed Radio will be live on the air for the last time in 2013. They will be talking with Jon Benjamin, the voice of Archer and Bob Belcher of Bob's Burgers, Kristian Hallbert of Crime In Stereo, and Will Salazar of Fenix TX. Tune in on 100.7 FM, PC online stream at KXTR.net, or Apple/mobile users use tunein app (search kxtr).
Jonathan Bautts on 12/19/13 - 11:34 AM
Big Snackers (Ryan of Mixtapes and Justin Schaefer's podcast) this week talks to Vinnie Fiorello of Less Than Jake/Fueled by Ramen/Paper and Plastic, Ryan drinking ďLeanĒ and his terrible diet starting decisions, why people fool everyone with disgusting treats at christmas, how weird it is to go to Christian school, and then play a game of "Bad High School Poetry or Imagine Dragons Lyric?", a story about the Fake Boys, and give Super Bowl predictions.
Christian Wagner on 12/19/13 - 10:27 AM
Big Snackers (Ryan of Mixtapes and Justin Schaefer's podcast) has surpassed 200k downloads. This week they answer questions about England, other podcasts, AP.net shred videos, Slenderman, whatís so great about Cincinnati, the seasons, T-Pain coming out for gay rights, our listener Peteís band, upcoming music, Boston, we talk to Eric Mueller about his involvment in the band Allister, the Rolling Stone top 50 albums of 2013 list, the Saskatchewan Sissy Sucker and movies.
Christian Wagner on 12/12/13 - 07:26 PM
Big Snackers (Ryan of Mixtapes and Justin Schaefer's podcast) is surprised and happy to celebrate over 150,000 downloads of their podcast. This week they take listener questions, it's the year in review for music and video games so everyone shares their top lists. They talk to the man who left behind making the Bioshock series to start a 4 man indie company and make a game with ZERO action, and how that risk payed off. They talk to Food Network star Guy Fieri about movies this year, they talk about the Lostprophets frontman and how creepy he looked anyways and much more.
Christian Wagner on 11/27/13 - 08:58 AM
Of Mice & Men frontman will be hosting a new radio show on idobi Howl called "Rat Pack." It debuts Nov. 21st at 7 PM EST.
Christian Wagner on 11/19/13 - 11:31 AM
On The Gunz Show, Gunz spoke with The Neighbourhood where they discussed new music they are working on and how it's some of the, "most exciting stuff they've done."
"We have some new music coming up. We have a whole new project thatís done. I donít know when itís coming out, but when it does I think thatís really going to be the ďOh shit!Ē momentÖ.Itís something that us 5 wrote on the road. No studio. We recorded straight onto the computer, all ourselves. Itís us now, which is a little bit different. But Iím more proud of it than anything we put out in a long time. "
Christian Wagner on 11/14/13 - 07:31 PM
On tonight's The Gunz Show, Gunz debuts a brand new track from Oh Honey. Also, Tay from We Are The In Crowd and Echosmith are on as well. It starts at 9 PM EST on idobi.
Christian Wagner on 11/06/13 - 04:29 PM
New music by Mogwai will be debuted on BBC Radio 6 on Monday.

Submitted by deanster321
Jason Tate on 10/25/13 - 12:20 PM
Anamericangod will be hosting Idobi's The Retrospect tonight at 7 EST.
Ryan Gardner on 10/15/13 - 01:27 PM
Jason Lancaster (Go Radio, Mayday Parade) spoke with The Gunz Show about the breakup. He says he was completely caught off-guard that the band was going to release a statement, and he talks about the way everything went down. You can listen to it here.
Christian Wagner on 10/08/13 - 04:49 AM
Apparently Mr. Belding from Saved By The Bell is big Sing It Loud and Mod Sun fan and is also in the new MEST video. He also talks SBTB off-show gossip and more on The Gunz Show.
Christian Wagner on 10/03/13 - 07:42 PM
On The Gunz Show last night, The Morning Of spoke about their reunion, their new music and upcoming new songs, as well as their show this Sunday at Webster Hall in NYC. You can listen to the whole interview here.
Christian Wagner on 09/26/13 - 03:36 PM
Ryan of Mixtapes has released the 2nd episode of his podcast. This week he talks about the irony of someone hating yourself for hating things, they field calls from Soupy of The Wonder Years and others, meeting people from chat lines, getting McDonalds and more.
Christian Wagner on 09/20/13 - 11:12 AM
Ryan Rockwell from Mixtapes and comedian Justin Schafer have started a podcast called Big Snackers. The weekly podcast mainly focuses on music, movies, and other forms of pop culture. This week they discuss Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, One Direction Hating Beliebers, pop punk, getting old, and playing laser tag against 15 year olds. You can follow on Twitter, subscribe on itunes and listen here.
Christian Wagner on 09/15/13 - 05:20 PM
On tonight's The Gunz Show at 9 PM EST, Jocelyn will be live in studio and performing 2 songs acoustic. Also, ITCH and Marky from Glamour Kills are on.
Christian Wagner on 08/28/13 - 03:43 PM
Matt Berninger of The National was on a recent edition of the Nerdist podcast.

Submitted by deanster321
Jason Tate on 08/28/13 - 10:38 AM
If you're in the Augusta, GA area, you can request and listen to a new Veara song called "None Of The Above" on 95 Rock.
Christian Wagner on 08/22/13 - 07:58 AM
Just announced on tonight's episode of The Gunz Show, it was announced that TEAM is made up of the following band members: Bryan Donahue (ex-Boys Like Girls), Jay Vilardi (The Almost), Rico Garcia & Caleb Turman (Forever The Sickest Kids), and Ally Hoffmann. You can download their first single "Am I Alive" for free here.
Jake Denning on 08/11/13 - 06:42 PM
On The Gunz Show, Down With Webster announced that they will be touring the US for the first time in over a year in the fall, and also that they're about ready to wrap up recording their new album. You can listen to it here.
Christian Wagner on 08/02/13 - 06:30 AM
Complete Control Radio is celebrating the life of Tony Sly on the one year anniversary of his passing. Hosted by Joe Sib (SideOneDummy Records), the entire two hour show will be centered around Tony and his solo work, as well as his work with No Use For A Name. There will be many guests and premieres. Tune in this Sunday at 10 PM PST to 98.7FM in Los Angeles (also available via iHeartRadio). More info is in the replies.
Christian Wagner on 08/01/13 - 10:12 AM
We The Kings and Car Party will both be debuting brand new songs on The Gunz Show tonight at 9 PM EST. The We The Kings track will be featured in an upcoming major blockbuster film, with more details to be revealed tonight.
Christian Wagner on 07/10/13 - 02:58 PM
In an interview with The Gunz Show, Marianas Trench revealed they shot a new music video which will be "Tarantino-esque" and will be 9 minutes long. In addition, the band will be headed to the UK later this year. Listen to the interview here.
Christian Wagner on 06/17/13 - 01:25 PM
Raw Feed Radio returns with its season 2 premiere tonight, including interviews with The Neighbourhood, Chvrches, Cary Brothers, HRVRD and Nightmare Air, plus the first round of Battle of the Unsigned Bands featuring Bad Rabbits, Torches, Kid Cadaver and Amos Slade. Tune in to KXTR.net for the stream starting at 4pm Central.
Jonathan Bautts on 06/06/13 - 09:06 AM
idobi Radio, home of Man Overboard Radio and The Gunz Show, has launched a new station called "Howl" which will feature heavier and hardcore music. Press release is in the replies.
Christian Wagner on 05/30/13 - 02:05 PM
Frank Turner's new single "Recovery" can be heard here.

Submitted by SpyKi
Jason Tate on 03/04/13 - 03:38 PM
Man Overboard has started a radio show on idobi. It will air Mondays at 7 PM EST and the first episode is this Monday.
Christian Wagner on 03/01/13 - 01:33 PM
The New York Times is reporting that the free version of Pandora on mobile devices will now have access only to 40 hours of free music per month.
Jason Tate on 02/28/13 - 11:58 AM
On last night's edition of The Gunz Show, Gunz talked with John D. of the Skate & Surf Festival, in which he discusses Bamboozle, Midtown, and more.
Every year I try to convince Midtown. In my perfect world this yearís headliners would have been Fall Out Boy and Midtown. Iím going to get them Ė I think it will be next year or 2015. Every year I go after them first and then Jay-Z, and as soon as they say no I know that itís a normal year. Midtown know when the right time will be. It has to be a mutual thing.
Jake Denning on 02/25/13 - 02:23 PM
Recently on The Gunz Show, Gunz talked with Jonathan Cook of Forever The Sickest Kids about their new album, Warped Tour, and more.
Itís going to be a 12 song album. If I could describe this record in one word, Iíd say we made a ďrockĒ album. Its right back to what everyone loves from the Underdog Alma Mater days and thatís a really big deal for our band. Weíre planning to release the album the last week of June, weíre pushing for a June 24th release date.
Jake Denning on 02/22/13 - 02:57 PM
Recently on The Gunz Show, Gunz spoke with The Story So Far about the decision of choosing their first single, and more.
"Itís kind of funny releasing a single when you have 11 songs on an album because everyone is trying to make guesses on what the album is going to be like. That song is cool, but I think the album is so packed, in my opinion thereís at least five other songs that top that one. I think we could have released any song off the album and it couldnít have gone wrong, itís such a seamless album. Weíre kind of branching out from the simplicity of the last album a bit. The sound, the quality, and what we put into it is just very crisp and on point. I think we...
Jake Denning on 02/22/13 - 04:27 AM
On The Gunz Show, Marianas Trench confirmed that they will be releasing Ever After with brand new songs for the U.S. only, as well as touring in the states. You can listen to the full interview here.
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/15/13 - 05:23 PM
On tonight's The Gunz Show, Gunz will be speaking with Terra Terra Terra and debuting a brand new song by them called "Angel" You can listen at 6pm PST/ 9pm EST at IdobiRadio.com
Jake Denning on 01/09/13 - 04:50 PM
Listen to a recent interview with the beloved Adam Pfleider here. Skip to the 3:10 mark to listen to the interview.
Christian Wagner on 12/11/12 - 09:28 PM
Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew have gotten back together to reunite the beloved Loveline team from back in the day. The new podcast is called The Adam & Drew Show and you can listen to the first episode in the replies. Nothing has been said as to if they will follow the ways of the past having bands on frequently, but I figured some people would be interested.
Keagan Ilvonen on 12/10/12 - 05:01 PM
On tonightís episode of The Gunz Show, our friend Gunz talked with Mike Hansen of Pentimento about how the band was forced to release their new record for free after issues arose with former label Panic Records.
Jake Denning on 11/14/12 - 09:42 PM
The Internet Radio Fairness Act is a proposed bill that would cut royalties for musicians made from internet radio sites like Pandora or Spotify by "85%," according to sources. This is an interesting, developing, story ... and one to keep an eye on.

Submitted by Uncalled Four
Jason Tate on 10/19/12 - 11:55 AM
I Call Fives will be performing live at 5 PM EST on Philadelphia's rock station 104.5. You can stream the entire set online at 5 PM EST.
Ryan Gardner on 09/07/12 - 09:33 AM
Grizzly Bear appeared on Lauren Laverne's BBC 6Music radio show to perform two songs. You can hear them here, at about 2:07.
Jason Tate on 09/04/12 - 10:02 AM
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