Cambridge, featuring Brad Smith formerly of Heroes For Hire, has released their first song, "Catalina Wine Mixer." Stream it in the replies or on the band's facebook.
Joe DeAndrea on 05/15/13 - 01:17 AM
The 1975's new song "fallingforyou" can be heard here.
In September our full-length album will come out. We just finished recording it. We've been working over the past six months, really. It'll be ready in September. We're very excited about it. It's actually going to be self-titled, because we couldn't really sum up the album with a name, so it's simply going to be called The 1975.
Jason Tate on 05/14/13 - 02:48 PM
Stream a new The SpacePimps called "Party Foul" in the replies. It comes from the band's upcoming EP Eternal Boy out July 2nd.
Christian Wagner on 05/14/13 - 01:03 PM
Hear a new Strange Vacation song called "Sick Cycle" in the replies - the track features guest vocals from The Dangerous Summer's AJ Perdomo
Jack Appleby on 05/14/13 - 10:27 AM
Listen to a new Matthew Vincent (The American Scene) song titled "Wicked Thirst" in the replies. Pre-order his split with Alexander Correia here.
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/14/13 - 08:53 AM
Stream a new Philip Anselmo solo song titled "Usurper Bastard's Rant" over at Rolling Stone.
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/13/13 - 02:29 PM
Flashlights have released a new EP, Don't Take Me Seriously, which you can listen to here. If ya dig this, check out their Facebook page.
Dre Okorley on 05/13/13 - 12:05 PM
Listen to a new The Story So Far song titled "Clairvoyant" in the replies. It comes from their upcoming split with Stick To Your Guns, which can be pre-ordered here.
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/13/13 - 09:04 AM
You can now stream Bad Rabbits' new album, American Love, here. What do you think?
Keagan Ilvonen on 05/13/13 - 08:16 AM
Stream "Obsessed" by Strange Vacation in the replies.
Christian Wagner on 05/12/13 - 09:13 PM
Listen to a new Black Flag song titled "The Chase" in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/12/13 - 08:15 AM
Check out a new The Saddest Landscape song titled "Coffins Like Ours" in the replies. Pre-order their new EP, Exit Wounded, from Tophself Records.
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/10/13 - 10:20 AM
Stream the remixed/remastered version of Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)'s debut EP, When the Sea Became a Giant, here. It's coming to vinyl via Count Your Lucky Stars Records; pre-order here.
Alex DiVincenzo on 05/10/13 - 08:41 AM
You can stream a new For The Fallen Dreams' song titled "Substance" in the replies.

Submitted by Niko John
Drew Beringer on 05/09/13 - 02:55 PM
You can stream a new single from R&B titan The-Dream's upcoming album IV Play in the replies. The song features Jay-Z.
Chris Collum on 05/09/13 - 01:47 PM
Listen to Gift Giver's cover of Papa Roach's "Last Resort" in the replies.
Christian Wagner on 05/09/13 - 11:20 AM
Stream Count To Four's album, Between Two Cities,here. You can view the band's tour dates in the replies.
Christian Wagner on 05/09/13 - 10:19 AM
Stream a new Wilson song called "College Gangbang" in the replies - the track comes from the their upcoming full-length on Easy Killer Records. Fans of Every Time I Die should check this out.
Jack Appleby on 05/08/13 - 04:49 PM
You can stream and download a new The Front Bottoms' song, titled "Skeleton," over at Brooklyn Vegan.
Drew Beringer on 05/08/13 - 01:11 PM
A new Night Verses song can be found here - we're premiering another song from the band in the coming weeks.

Submitted by Mitch5643
Jason Tate on 05/08/13 - 09:18 AM
You can stream a new Dikembe song titled "Keys To The Jeep" here.
Drew Beringer on 05/07/13 - 03:37 PM
You can watch a new Falling In Reverse video for its new song "Alone" in the replies. It involves rapping, Ferrari's, and girls writhing on the floor. It's off the band's upcoming album Fashionably Late, out June 18th.
Drew Beringer on 05/07/13 - 11:25 AM
Today we have a featured stream of The New Regime's (Ilan Rubin of Nine Inch Nails and Paramore) new album, Exhibit A. You can stream it in the replies. Also, check out Kelly's recent interview with Ilan.
Drew Beringer on 05/07/13 - 10:51 AM
Listen to Chapel Club's brand new album titled Good Together over at NME.com now. The record will be released on June 3rd and you can also see the video for their new single "Shy" in the replies.
Kyle Huntington on 05/07/13 - 09:32 AM
Boxer (Richmond, VA) has teamed up with Eyes Wide (Hollidaysburg, PA) to record a split EP, which was released today and we're streaming it for you. Boxer enlisted the help of Will Yip (Title Fight, Turnover) while Eyes Wide collaborated with Vince Ratti (Tigers Jaw, Balance & Composure) and the end result is a mix of melodic hardcore and 90s alternative rock. The split will be co-released on vinyl later this summer via Meadowbrook Records and Reveille Records. You can listen to the split in the replies.
Christian Wagner on 05/07/13 - 08:01 AM
You can stream Vampire Weekend's new album Modern Vampires of the City in full over on iTunes. The record will be released next Tuesday.
Cody Nelson on 05/07/13 - 06:09 AM
The 1975's new song "Haunt // Bed" can be streamed here.
Jason Tate on 05/07/13 - 03:34 AM
Demi Lovato's new album, Demi, can be streamed here.
Joe DeAndrea on 05/06/13 - 07:35 PM
States released clips of new music over on their Kickstarter.
Christian Wagner on 05/06/13 - 12:41 PM
Strange Vacation released a new song called "My Own Personal Hell." Listen to it in the replies. You can pre-order the band's new album here.
Christian Wagner on 05/06/13 - 10:53 AM
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