An update from Chris of Day At The Fair can be seen below.
Day At The Fair UpdateAlthough Day At The Fair disbanded, or broke up, went on "indefiniate hiatus" (as most bands call it these days) over a year ago, we still reserve the right to play a show every now and again. There was once a time when it was our careers, our baby, and our lifes. At this point, it's more or less a grave we all come to visit occasionally to put flowers on, not to celebrate it's death, but to remember how much fun we once had when it was alive. These days, for myself, Rob and Steve, we've grown alot. We all work respective jobs, finishing up the last remaining credits of school and believe it or not, this...
Joe DeAndrea on 03/29/07 - 01:00 PM
Click here to find out more details about Self Against City's new video for "Becoming A Monster." The website includes more pictures and information about the concept.

Submitted by AndyVizzle
Rohan Kohli on 02/27/07 - 04:58 PM
Following their tour with Southcott, Self Against City will embark on a headlining tour of their own with various locals as support.
Tour DatesFeb 21 2007 6:00P GS360 Warren (Detroit), Michigan
Feb 22 2007 6:00P Mac's Lansing, Michigan
Feb 23 2007 7:00P Eastlake Knights of Columbus Willowick (Cleveland), Ohio
Feb 24 2007 5:00P Headliner's (EARLY SHOW) Toledo, Ohio
Feb 25 2007 5:30P The Attic Kettering (Dayton), Ohio
Feb 27 2007 6:00P The Wearhouse La Crosse, Wisconsin
Feb 28 2007 8:00P Open Mike's Vermillion, South Dakota
Mar 1 2007 7:30P The Rock Papillion (Omaha), Nebraska
Mar 3 2007 5:30P Creepy Crawl St Louis, Missouri
Mar 7 2007 7:30P Swayze's Marietta (Atlanta),...
Rohan Kohli on 02/19/07 - 11:59 AM
The Track Record have parted ways with Drive-Thru/Rushmore Records. A message from the band can be read below.
Message"As of September 1st, we are no longer affiliated with Drive-Thru / Rushmore Records. The split is due to disagreements regarding the direction of the band. While we maintain good terms with the label, there is no more progress to be made in the relationship.

That being said, we will be taking October to record and self produce our debut full length at Omega Studios (Third Eye Blind, Ben Folds Five, Fiona Apple, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, the Wallflowers) in Rockville, MD. The record has been written for months and we are beyond excited to finally get into the studio....
Brandon Herbel on 09/04/06 - 04:26 PM
Madison has posted a new song titled "You Keep The Money" on their MySpace page.

Submitted by youwithoutMe
Ryan Imhof on 08/17/06 - 06:42 PM
Self Against City have posted lyrics to their newest song "Ready and Willing" on their Myspace blog. Don't forget about the contest that AP and Self Against City is currently running, where you can win a ticket to any date on their current tour! All details here.
Katie Schmitz on 08/08/06 - 05:03 PM
Morning Call need your help to book a few open date on their tour. Below is a message sent out from the band.
Message"We're looking for shows around the Southern California area for August and early Spetember. If there is any promoter or venue or band looking to put on a show and needing a band to play, please email us at booking@morningcallmusic.com with info and we'd be happy to play. Thanks,
Morning Call"

Submitted by specialdk182
Melissa Johnson on 08/06/06 - 06:17 PM
At the Self Against City show two nights ago, the band said their new full-length album with be out October 3rd.

Submitted by Andy Vizzle
Katie Schmitz on 08/06/06 - 07:25 AM
Self Against City has posted a new song titled "Ready and Willing" from their debut full length on their purevolume page. They also posted that a release date for their new album will be announced soon!

Submitted by OLUnicorn
Pat Marquez on 08/01/06 - 03:36 PM
Chase and Ben of The Mile After recently lent their hand in producing and recording the instruments for Ryan Taylor Bliss' new song, "Our Carolina." The track can be heard here.
Rohan Kohli on 07/31/06 - 08:28 PM
It looks like Self Against City is in search of a drummer after all. The band sent out the following message.

We are currently seeking a hard-hitting, no non-sense maestro of percussion to join us on the beginning of a journey of marvelous proportions. You must have the ability to play to a click, be ready to tour immediately, be willing to match your drum sizes to the tonality of our new album, and most importantly, you must be completely and wholly in love with rock and roll. Auditions will be held in Sacramento, CA.

If you believe you are this person, or if you would like more information please email us at: drumsagainstcity@yahoo.com

please do not contact us...
Melissa Johnson on 07/20/06 - 08:28 PM
Chris Barker (ex-Day At the Fair) has resurfaced in a new band called Further North. Below is an update from Barker:
UpdateHello dear friends,

FIRST SHOW BACK This Sunday JULY 9th begins the post Day At The Fair experience at Maxwells in Hoboken N.J with Socratic and Adelphi. Its advertised as Chris Barker, but the project is called Further North, and Ill be playing with Rob, Kevin and Monkey, which if you remember was actually the last installment of DATF. Well be playing some new songs and some of your favorite DATF tunes. Our whole set is pretty much whatever you feel like singing and whatever you feel like asking us to play. Were doing this for fun which is why we started to play...
Rohan Kohli on 07/09/06 - 09:01 AM
Self Against City has left the following message on their myspace page in regards to member changes:

Although we do appreciate the support and interest that so many of you have shown, we are NOT looking for a drummer or a bassist. Our friend Hunter MacDonald, who you may have seen in your town while he was playing bass for JamisonParker or The Fire Escape, will be playing bass and the drums will now be pounded upon by our friend and fellow sacramento native, Kyle Pesely.

New songs will be up August 1st. see you all soon,


Submitted by tragedyco
Melissa Johnson on 07/08/06 - 12:04 AM
Self Against City will be touring with Thin Dark Line and Tourmaline in September. Dates will be announced shortly.
Tony Pascarella on 07/05/06 - 06:32 PM
Madison has been forced to cancel their tour plans (excluding the VA Beach date). A message from the band is below:
MessageWe are sorry to announce that we have been essentially forced to cancel this tour for everything up until the virginia beach date. To make a long story short, our van's engine blew. That being said we are stuck in florida till a mechanic reopens after the holiday weekend and we are able to find a replacement engine.

Luckily we broke down near our good friends in My Getaway who have offered us a place to stay till we are able to get moving again in order to make it back home. Obviously this whole ordeal is going to cost us a lot of money so we would greatly...
Katie Schmitz on 07/03/06 - 01:41 PM
Madison were involved in a little bit of a car accident. Check out the message from the band below:
Madison In Car Accident, But OkayToday as we were leaving Philadelphia to go to our show in Wilmington, DE, we got into an accident and hit another car. We are all alright and so was the person in the other car. The result of the accident was a fucked up car and a bent axel on our trailer. With our trailer in too bad of condition to pull around any equipment, our friends in Twilight City Fracture drove out to help us. Since we were close to home, they brought all of our equipment there with their trailer and now we are home trying to get our trailer repaired as soon as possible so we can...
Pat Marquez on 06/25/06 - 12:50 PM
Self Against City posted a MySpace bulletin regarding the leaving of Patrick and Chris from the band:
BulletinWe're sorry to announce that both Patrick O'Connor and Chris Trombley have left self against city. Due to this, we will be forced to cancel the 2 shows this weekend: Chain Reaction tomorrow night and The Hot Box in Phoenix on Saturday. We know that this is as short of notice as possible and for this we greatly apologize. We were really looking forward to these shows.

Please stick with us as we'll try our best to get up and going again as soon as possible.

Jack, Jonathan, & Jeff

PS - the record is finished. it will come out.

Submitted by discodanceparty
Katie Schmitz on 06/22/06 - 07:01 AM
Madison have announced a bunch of tour dates:
Tour Dates06/18/2006 12:00 PM - The Troc Balcony ( FREE!)
1003 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19019 - FREE FREEEEEE NO MONEY
street car, the flight, liam and me

06/19/2006 05:30 PM - Skater's Choice
150 Hollydell Drive, Sewell, NJ 08080 - $10
The High Court, Liam and Me, Tokyo Rose, Valencia

06/20/2006 06:00 PM - Sellersville Firehall
2 N Main St, Sellersville, PA 18960 - 8
Capitol Risk, Valencia, and Envy on The Coast

06/22/2006 06:00 PM - The Capitol
222 E. Independence St, Shamokin, PA 17872 - $6
Dirty Larry, Red Light Green Light, The Scenic

06/23/2006 06:00 PM - The Harmony Grange
3201 Limestone Rd, Wilmington, DE...
Katie Schmitz on 06/18/06 - 07:09 AM
The Track Record has posted a new demo, "Brilliant Like Language", on their pureVOLUME.com page. This song will be on the band's forthcoming Rushmore Records/Drive-Thru Records album.
Frank Giaramita on 05/26/06 - 06:47 PM
Self Against City has finished recording their new album and will begin mixing this week.
Ryan Imhof on 05/01/06 - 11:03 AM
Rushmore Records/Drive-Thru Records' band, Day At The Fair has called it quits. Read below for the official update.
Day At The Fair Call It QuitsSo I've been thinking for awhile what to announce in regards to the official Day At The Fair status. Below is pretty much all I came up with ....

Ya know that dog you have that just lies around all day? The kind of dog thats been on its last leg for sometime. No one bothers petting it, playing with it, throwing it a friggin bone every now and again. It's just not that much fun to have around anymore. Eventually, after paying all its bills and going broke in the process, you are left with two options. Do I: A- Keep it alive, see what happens...
Frank Giaramita on 04/30/06 - 10:22 PM
Below you will find a message from Houston Calls:
Houston Calls Needs Your VoteOur video 'Exit, Emergency' is on the verge of being added to the TRL top 10 countdown in AUSTRALIA! But we do need your help in getting it there! Help Houston Calls by voting for their video ASAP. Click here to vote!

Hey everyone today is a very important day for us. We're trying to get our video on TRL in Australia, and by trying I mean we need your help! We need you guys to go to the TRL webpage and enter in Exit, Emergency by us in the "Other" catergory and vote for us! If enough of you guys vote for it we may be able to make it on the countdown. (Click the picture link below to access the website.)
Pat Marquez on 04/27/06 - 12:40 PM
The Mile After has posted a home-recorded demo of a new song titled "The Way It Should Be" on pureVOLUME.com. The demo will only be up for a week, so check it out while you can. The band is currently finishing up writing their debut full length for Rushmore Records.
Rohan Kohli on 04/25/06 - 04:19 PM
Apparently Day At The Fair is playing their last show ever on April 20th at The Bloomfield Avenue Cafe with Race The Sun, Ever We Fall, and more.
Jared Kaufman on 04/17/06 - 07:28 AM
Self Against City has put up some pictures of the studio that they are currently recording in.
Ryan Imhof on 04/15/06 - 09:52 PM
Self Against City is keeping a studio journal while they record their debut full length for Rushmore Records with producer Steven Haigler.
Rohan Kohli on 04/13/06 - 01:24 PM
Day At the Fair will be dropping off the Ever We Fall / Race the Sun tour on April 20th - the band will be making a full statement regarding this soon.
Tour Datesw/ Day At the Fair, Ever We Fall, Race the Sun
Apr 10 2006 8:00P Mojo's Jamestown, NY
Apr 12 2006 6:00P Showplace Theatre Buffalo, NY
Apr 13 2006 6:30P The Downtown Quarterback Endlcott, NY
Apr 14 2006 7:00P Club Drifters Nashua, NH
Apr 15 2006 7:00P Empress Ballroom Danbury, CT
Apr 16 2006 7:00P The Capitol Venue Shamokin, PA
Apr 17 2006 8:00P CBGB's New York City, NY
Apr 18 2006 8:00P Live Trax Long Island, NY
Apr 19 2006 6:00P The Trocadero (Balcony Bar) Philladelphia, PA
Apr 20 2006 7:00P Bloomfield Ave...
Rohan Kohli on 04/10/06 - 11:38 AM
Self Against City headed into the studio today on Long Island with Steve Haigler (Brand New, The Pixies) to record their first full-length record for Rushmore Records.
Tony Pascarella on 04/10/06 - 10:11 AM
Self Against City will enter the studio on April 10th with Steven Haigler (Brand New, The Pixies, Quicksand). If you want to hear some new tracks, head over to the bands Myspace page which features some contenders for the upcoming album.
Ryan Imhof on 03/23/06 - 09:21 PM
Day at the Fair is currently looking for both a new guitarist and bassist; if you're interested, you can contact the band at adayatthefair@hotmail.com. Below is a message from Gary about his departure from the band:
Message From GaryBefore any rumors begin to circulate, I'd like to clear the air and say, I have officially left Day at the Fair. In replies to me touring with them and opening as a solo act, that is completly false. I wish Chris and his crew the best on the road and continued success. I have some other projects that I will be tending to in the near future. Until then, be sure to check out www.purevolume.com/garybender to hear some songs, and to all who came and rocked out...
Rohan Kohli on 03/21/06 - 03:45 PM
Self Against City has booked a few dates on their way to New York to record their debut full length with Steven Haigler (Brand New, Fuel); the band has written around 18 songs, but will include 12 or 13 on the album.
Tour DatesMar 10 2006 7:00P Studio 99 Bakersfield , CA
Mar 11 2006 7:00P Modified Phoenix, AZ
Mar 12 2006 7:00P House of Rock and Roll El Paso, TX
Mar 14 2006 7:00P White Rabbit San Antonio, TX
Mar 15 2006 8:00P State Theatre Gainsville, TX
Mar 16 2006 8:00P Speakeasy (SXSW) Austin, TX
Mar 18 2006 7:00P Fuel Cyber Cafe Humble, TX
Mar 19 2006 7:00P The Darkroom Baton Rouge, LA
Mar 21 2006 7:00P Sector 7G Augusta, GA
Mar 24 2006 7:00P Bloomfield...
Rohan Kohli on 02/18/06 - 03:53 PM
Houston Calls are supporting Yellowcard on their Australian tour.

Submitted by: Duck
Jon Foucart on 02/17/06 - 09:36 AM
As alot of you know, I'm trying to pump out as many interviews as possible. So, I'll be interviewing Houston Calls this week. Leave your questions in the replies.

Also, let me know what bands you are interested in knowing more about, or seeing an interview with, and I'll do what's in my power to please all of you!!
Caleb Cattivera on 02/16/06 - 10:51 AM
Madison has posted their video for "My Space Is Your Space" on their, ahem, MySpace page.

Source: DrivingThru.co.uk
Rohan Kohli on 02/15/06 - 11:28 PM
Self Against City is currently recording demos and will be heading into the studio in March with Steven Haigler (Brand New, Pixies, Quicksand).

Submitted by: tragedyco
Rohan Kohli on 01/18/06 - 02:32 PM
Houston Calls will be touring the midwest in February with Just Surrender and Tokyo Rose. Dates and another band joining the tour will be announced soon.
Ryan Imhof on 01/14/06 - 05:23 PM
Day At The Fair recently picked up a new bass player by the name of Gary Bender, formerly of the band The Fast Lane. To hear some of his work, visit his pureVOLUME.com page.
Rohan Kohli on 01/11/06 - 11:50 PM
The Track Record are back at home writing some new demos. If all goes according to plan, we should hear these demos within a few weeks.
Ryan Imhof on 01/10/06 - 04:35 PM
Check out this update from Michael of The Track Record:

Polar Bear Plunge And The Track Recordhey everyone... i will be freezing my ass off in the Chesapeake bay doing the Polar Bear Plunge this year to support Special Olympics Maryland.

This will be my third year participating in the plunge and i think it's an awesome group of people to support.
My cousin, Amanda Moore, is a Special Olympian and will be plunging also, making this her sixth year!

Please donate whatever amount you can and i promise you'll get to see the photos of me freezing my ass off! Please

Thank you for supporting Special Olympics Maryland. Click
here to go...
Pat Marquez on 01/09/06 - 12:21 PM
Houston Calls has announced a 3 week headlining tour mainly hitting the Midwest and Northeast during February. Confirmed support right now is Tokyo Rose but stay tuned within the next few days for the other support band to be named. Zach Mullinax at Variety Artists is booking this tour so promoters feel free to contact Zach via his email Zach@varietyart.com
Greg Thimmes on 01/04/06 - 05:13 PM
Self Against City has thanked our very own Greg Thimmes on their website, the message is below:
Message From Self Against CityGreg Thimmes, apparently the feeling is mutual - Greg named "Take it how you want it" as his favorite EP for 2005.

Thanks Greg!
Ryan Imhof on 01/04/06 - 04:01 PM
Check out some photos of Houston Calls performing at CBGB's right here.
Ryan Imhof on 01/01/06 - 04:40 PM
Madison will soon be entering the studio to work on some pre-production demos with producer Jesse Cannon (Hot Rod Circuit, Race the Sun). They will be the first band to record in his newly built Cannon Found Soundation Recording Studios.
Rohan Kohli on 01/01/06 - 04:24 PM
Below are some upcoming Houston Calls shows:
Shows January 5th 2006 - Baltimore, Maryland @ The ottobar
W/ Hidden In Plain View, Adelphi & All Time Low

January 6th 2006 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania @ The TLA
W/ Hidden In Plain View, Valencia & Driveby

January 13th 2006 - Wilmington, Delaware @ The Harmony Grange
W/ Hidden In Plain View, The Commercials

January 17th 2006 - New York City @ The Knitting Factory
W/ Hidden In Plain View, Like Yesterday, Pryde

January 20th 2006 - Vineland, NJ @ Demarco Cinemas
W/ Madison, Hence Reverie, Blue Season, Liam and Me, Unfair Advantage

January 28th 2006 - West Chester, PA @ Holy Trinity Church
W/ The Progress, The Twilight...
Rohan Kohli on 12/29/05 - 12:43 PM
The Mile After have posted two old songs off their unreleased demo on their pureVOLUME page; the songs are "So Young, So Sick" and "Dear Page." The band is currently writing/demoing new songs for their debut full-length on Rushmore Records.
Rohan Kohli on 12/09/05 - 08:44 PM
Self Against City has launched a brand new web site on which they will be keeping a studio journal during the recording of their upcoming full length on Rushmore Records. The band will begin recording after the new year.
Rohan Kohli on 12/04/05 - 03:59 PM
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