Andrew Tkaczyk of The Ghost Inside lost his leg during the accident. He released a post and statement on Instagram, which can be found here. Wishing him the best.
So the rumors are true everyone! Unfortunately I did lose my leg in this accident. This is one injury among many others such as fractures in my ribs, spine, and hip along with some ligament tears in my rotator cuff and Labrum. I have remained in positive and good spirits since I woke up from a 10 day coma in November to the sight of my missing leg. Not going to let it stop me. I don't care what anyone says. It's a long road ahead, but I WILL play drums again. Can't wait to get back on the kit. Couldn't have dealt with this...
Eric Wilson on 01/14/16 - 12:20 PM
Defeater have released a new 7" on Epitaph Records.
Jason Tate on 01/11/16 - 11:43 AM
In an effort to continue to support The Ghost Inside and the injuries sustained during the accident, Epitaph Records have announced that all the profits from the sales of any of their albums will be donated directly to the band indefinitely.
In light of this tragedy Epitaph has decided to donate all profits, from the sale of all The Ghost Inside albums worldwide, directly to the band - indefinitely. So, if you want to support The Ghost Inside, in their time of need, you can now do so by buying their music. Epitaph won't make a profit while the band silently fight to rebuild their lives. We wish them a speedy recovery and return to health.

Submitted by Avalanche1
Eric Wilson on 12/14/15 - 05:53 PM
Epitaph Records is selling digital bundles where 100% of the proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders.
Here at Epitaph we want to help in a more profound way than just releasing really cool albums. That's why we wanted to participate in #GivingTuesday this year. We realize that there are many in this world who are less fortunate. The mission of Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is to provide impartial medical relief to the victims of war, disease, and natural or man-made disaster, without regard to race, religion, or political affiliation. To help we have compiled records we released this year into rad 4 album digital bundles. You can purchase one for $10 with...
Jason Tate on 12/03/15 - 12:46 PM
The Ghost Inside have posted a new statement detailing their conditions after their horrific crash just a mere 10 days ago. All of us here at AP.net send our thoughts and prayers to everyone involved in the crash, their family and friends.
Hi friends. I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend. Through the grace of our incredible host hotels and the community here in El Paso we were able to enjoy a great meal and have a couple hours of much needed relief away from the hospital. Our families that are here aren't used to being 'on the road' and although the circumstances couldn't be less ideal, this holiday will always be a special one for us, a genuine day of giving thanks for the gift of...
Keagan Ilvonen on 11/30/15 - 09:23 PM
The Ghost Inside's management have posted an update to their Facebook about the serious bus crash we reported earlier today. They have confirmed that The Ghost Inside's hired bus driver, as well as the occupant (or occupants) of the semi-truck have passed away. All band members and other crew members are alive and currently being treated for their injuries. They have also announced that the remaining dates of their current Locals Only Tour have been cancelled. Our thoughts go out to the families and those who have lost loved ones, as well as to the band through this trying time.
Craig Ismaili on 11/19/15 - 10:32 PM
The Menzingers are teaming up with Neshaminy Creek to create "Menzinger," a hoppy imperial American-style kolsch style beer. The beer will be available on December 12th when The Menzingers play a free show at brewery in Croydon, PA.
Jason Tate on 11/19/15 - 04:05 PM
Reports are coming in from KFMK that The Ghost Inside were involved in an accident in which their bus collided with a semi-truck. Tour manager for the The Wonder Years, Dave Summers, who has been in contact with the band, has stated that all band and crew are alive. There have been unconfirmed reports that two of the occupants of the semi-truck have passed away. We will continue to post information as we discover it. Our thoughts and well-wishes are with the band and everyone involved in this accident.
Craig Ismaili on 11/19/15 - 01:51 PM
Greg Graffin of Bad Religion talked with San Diego Magazine about plans for next year:
During the fall semester I’m pretty busy. But next year there’s going to be a new solo album. I put out a new solo album about every six years, so next year I’m due for one. And then I’m going to develop a new book, but I can’t talk about it yet. And finally, Bad Religion has a new album to write. So we’ve got a lot of work to do.
Jason Tate on 11/11/15 - 10:40 AM
Andrew Tkaczyk, drummer for The Ghost Inside, is without question one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Aside from posting funny clips on Vine and Instagram, he’s finally started his own YouTube channel, Home Cooked Comedy. Head to the replies to check out a video, and make sure to subscribe for more. Also, be sure and tell Andrew how funny he is when The Ghost Inside comes through your city on the “Locals Only” tour, in which the band is only allowing locals on the bill - dates are also in the replies.
Jake Denning on 10/12/15 - 09:33 PM
Hit the replies for The Garden's new video for 'Vexation."
Jason Tate on 10/07/15 - 11:58 AM
The Ghost Inside's new music video for "Move Me" can be found in the replies via Revolver.
Keagan Ilvonen on 10/07/15 - 11:26 AM
A petition has been started to remove Deafheaven from future Pitchfork Music Festivals after multiple homophobic tweets surfaced from guitarist Kerry McCoy a few years back. First I'm hearing about this; pretty damn disappointing.
Jason Tate on 09/28/15 - 11:56 AM
Check out a live session of The World Is A Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid To Die performing some new songs from their album Harmlessness in the replies.

Submitted by Kyle Thrash
Blake Solomon on 09/28/15 - 10:38 AM
Avion Roe has signed to Epitaph Records.

Submitted by absolutebutthol
Blake Solomon on 09/28/15 - 10:06 AM
Looks like Letlive's new album is finished and will be released next year.
Aaron Mook on 09/26/15 - 09:44 AM
The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die have posted their new album Harmlessness up for streaming on Bandcamp. The album "officially" releases September 25th.
Blake Solomon on 09/21/15 - 08:12 AM
This morning, The World is a Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid to Die shared a link to this sketchy-looking site where you can trade your email address for another new song from the band's upcoming album, Harmlessness...in reverse.
Aaron Mook on 09/17/15 - 07:29 AM
Jump to the replies to stream Parkway Drive's new song called "The Sound of Violence."
Keagan Ilvonen on 09/14/15 - 10:56 AM
Bad Religion's Greg Graffin will be releasing the new book Population Wars on September 15th. Along with the book comes a 7" of acoustic songs. Hit the replies to stream "Faith Alone."
Jason Tate on 08/21/15 - 10:58 AM
You can check out a new Defeater song called "Unanswered" in the replies via Noisey. The band's new album, Abandoned, will be released on August 28th via Epitaph Records.
Keagan Ilvonen on 08/04/15 - 06:22 PM
SayWeCanFly have signed with Epitaph Records.
Jason Tate on 07/20/15 - 01:56 PM
Defeater have announced their brand new LP, Abandoned, will be released August 28th via Epitaph Records. Hit the replies to see a video for the first single, "Spared in Hell."
Aaron Mook on 07/07/15 - 08:26 AM
Refused's video for "Dawkins Christ" is in the replies.
Jason Tate on 06/17/15 - 11:52 AM
Desaparecidos is streaming Payola, their first album in 13 years, via NPR First Listen. The album will be released on June 23 through Epitaph Records.
Aaron Mook on 06/15/15 - 09:55 AM
Beautiful Bodies will release their debut album, Battles, next Tuesday via Epitaph Records. Their video for "Capture and Release" can be seen in the replies.

Track Listing
01) Animal
02) Capture & Release
03) September 1973
04) War Inside Your Heart
05) She's A Blast
06) Lies
07) Ravens
08) Subversive Lover
09) Good Luck, and Good Night
10) Invincible
11) Forever
12) Gone, Gone, Gone
Keagan Ilvonen on 06/12/15 - 04:29 PM
Hit the replies to stream a new Desaparecidos song, "The Left is Right." You can stream two other singles, "Backsell" and "The Underground Man," on Spotify. Payola will be released on June 23 via Epitaph Records.
Aaron Mook on 06/09/15 - 03:31 PM
This Wild Life have released a new version of their 2014 debut album, Clouded, today. The upgraded collection is called Clouded Atmosphere Edition; it features three new songs "Stay Up Late", "It's Alright", and "Alone With Me" which were all recorded with Jeremy McKinnon from A Day To Remember and Erik Ron. The new edition also features three live songs, "Sleepwalking", "Concrete", and "Roots and Branches (Meant To Be Alone)." It's now up on iTunes and a physical edition will be available at Warped Tour.
Jason Tate on 06/09/15 - 10:48 AM
Dennis Lyxzen of Refused was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone.
"People have these expectations and beliefs that they pin on us," Lyxzén says. "There are some fans who have lived with The Shape of Punk to Come for their entire lives and have decided that's all we are. But now it's time for us to decide what we want our legacy to be. And this album is a good start-over, so to speak."

Submitted by beachdude42
Blake Solomon on 05/08/15 - 07:59 AM
Sleeping With Sirens' new video for "The Strays" can be found in the replies.
Keagan Ilvonen on 05/07/15 - 11:45 AM
Refused are no longer dead. The band has announced that they will release their new album, Freedom, on June 30th via Epitaph Records. Head to the replies to stream their new single called "Elektra." Pre-orders for Freedom are now live.

Track Listing
01) Elektra
02) Old Friends / New War
03) Dawkins Christ
04) Françafrique
05) Thought Is Blood
06) War on the Palaces
07) Destroy the Man
08) 366
09) Servants of Death
10) Useless Europeans
Keagan Ilvonen on 04/27/15 - 06:13 AM
A new Pianos Become The Teeth song called "895" is in the replies via The AV Club. It is part of their April 18th Record Store Day 7-inch, Close, which will also feature another new song.
Ryan Gardner on 04/13/15 - 10:20 AM
Desaparecidos will release its first album in 13 years on June 23rd titled Payola via Epitaph Records. You can stream a new song featuring Tim Kasher of Cursive called "City on the Hill" in the replies. The album will also feature Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! and the So So Glos as well as many previously released tracks such as "MariKKKopa", "Backsell", "Anonymous", "The Left Is Right", "Te Amo Camila Vallejo", and "The Underground Man".
Drew Beringer on 04/06/15 - 09:06 AM
Off With Their Heads' frontman, Ryan Young, has posted a message in regard to an altercation at their show on Friday.
This tour has been great. Every show was fun. We had a blast with every crowd, every night. Until last night. One of the reasons that we stopped doing this band for a year was because we didn’t like the vibe at the shows. There are some people that genuinely connect with the music in one way or another, and then there are dick heads that seem to get off on ruining everyone’s night. I remember a friend of mine told me that I didn’t need to break our band up. I just needed to remember that at the end of the day, I don’t owe anyone a single thing. We went into this tour...
Jason Tate on 03/30/15 - 11:15 AM
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I'm No Longer Affraid To Die have signed to Epitaph Records. The band is heading into Silver Bullet Studios in Connecticut today to begin working on their new album.
Keagan Ilvonen on 03/23/15 - 07:48 AM
You can stream the new Sleeping With Sirens' album, Madness, in the replies.
Ryan Gardner on 03/20/15 - 05:18 PM
A new Sleeping With Sirens song called "Fly" is on Rdio.
Ryan Gardner on 03/09/15 - 04:04 PM
Bad Religion will be touring across Canada in June with Plague Vendor. The band's full 2015 tour schedule can be found in the replies.
Deborah Remus on 02/19/15 - 10:42 PM
Too Close To Touch's video for their song "Perfect World" can be found in the replies.
Jason Tate on 02/12/15 - 05:27 PM
Desaparecidos have signed with Epitaph Records. A new album is coming later this year.
Jason Tate on 01/27/15 - 11:01 AM
Defeater have signed to Epitaph records and will be releasing a new album this year. The band has also announced a spring tour which you can find the dates in the replies.
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/21/15 - 10:36 AM
Falling In Reverse will release their third album, Just Like You on February 24th via Epitaph Records. The band has also released a new song called "Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter)" which you can stream in the replies. Craziest part about all of this? The song's probably the best thing they've ever done.

Track Listing
01) Chemical Prisoner
02) God, If You Are Above…
03) Sexy Drug
04) Just Like You
05) Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter)
06) Stay Away
07) Wait and See
08) The Bitter End
09) My Heart’s To Blame
10) Get Me Out
11) Die For You
12) Brother
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/13/15 - 03:11 PM
The Sidekicks' new record, Runners in the Nerved World, can be streamed in the replies.

Submitted by magneto
Jason Tate on 01/12/15 - 02:51 PM
A new Sleeping With Sirens' song called "We Like It Loud" is in the replies. It's available for free download for today.
Ryan Gardner on 01/01/15 - 02:39 PM
The Sidekicks will be heading out on tour next month in support of their new album, Runners in the Nerved World. You can find all of the dates in the replies with another new song called "Summer Brings You Closer To Satan."
Keagan Ilvonen on 12/22/14 - 02:28 PM
letlive. has posted another track in their appropriately titled "Renditions" series, this time featuring Chris Conley of Saves The Day. Hit the replies to hear "Dreamer's Disease".
Jake Denning on 12/18/14 - 03:15 PM
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