You can preview the tracks off the Snakes On A Plane Soundtrack at it's official website.

Submitted by Jeffubus
Brandon Herbel on 07/31/06 - 11:14 AM
Despite what was posted earlier, according to DCide Records, Downtown Singapore is NOT breaking up. They had to drop off the tour due to circumstances beyond their control.
Steve Henderson on 07/26/06 - 01:16 PM
You can now download Mike McFadden's EP for free on the Mono-Records website. Mike plans to go back into the studio to record his full length album in the next month so be on the lookout for more information.
Katie Schmitz on 07/25/06 - 04:51 AM
Set Your Goals' debut album, Mutiny!, is debuting this week at #47 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart and at #46 on their Independent chart. Congratulations to the guys of Set Your Goals.
Katie Schmitz on 07/21/06 - 05:54 PM
Click here to watch a teaser for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.
Brandon Herbel on 07/21/06 - 07:11 AM
I'll be interviewing O.A.R. this Sunday in Saint Louis. If you have any questions for them, please post them in the replies.
Caleb Cattivera on 07/14/06 - 08:40 AM
According to a recent bulletin from the band, Big D and the Kids Table have finished recording six new songs for a split EP with Brain Failure, which is set to appear in stores this October. Additionally, the band has announced that after their summer tour dates have run their course, they will enter once more to begin work on a new full-length album.
Brandon Allin on 07/12/06 - 10:50 PM
Best Buy is giving away free live album samplers to promote the Taking Back Sunday, Angels and Airwaves, Head Automatica, and The Subways. The sampler features one live track from each band. No purchase is necessary to get the sampler.

Submitted by Meggers
Melissa Johnson on 07/01/06 - 11:29 PM
Everclear has announced a new album titled Welcome To The Drama Club, and has a slated release date of September 12th, 2006. Check out their blog entry here, for tracklisting and more info!

Submitted by maledixtion
Katie Schmitz on 06/19/06 - 08:17 AM
The fifth annual Feeling Better Than Everfine Festival will take place in Cleveland on Saturday, June 24 at Tower City Amphitheater. O.A.R. will be headlining, with appearances by Dropping Daylight, Bedouin Soundclash, Matt Nathanson, Virginia Coaltion, and John McLaughlin. All info can be found here at the festival's website.
Caleb Cattivera on 06/16/06 - 08:40 AM
Something Like Silence has posted a 5-minute, full album sampler from their new CD, Nostalgia, on their PureVolume and MySpace pages. The 14-track concept record runs just over an hour long, and was produced/engineered by Benjamin Hemingway. It will be released independently on June 30th. It is available for pre-order in three different, special packages on their official website now.

Submitted by SomethingLikeTJ
Katie Schmitz on 06/14/06 - 05:31 AM
Patent Pending posted a the song "This Can't Happen Again" on their Purevolume page in promotion of their new album Save Each Other, The Whales Are Doing Fine, which was released June 10th. I highly recommend checking them out, it's definitely a great summer album! We also have the song available for download on their AP.net profile.
Katie Schmitz on 06/13/06 - 07:20 PM
PunkRockVids.Com have updated with an exclusive premier of the new Zella Mayzell video for "80 in a 25".

Submitted by Aileen Been
Katie Schmitz on 06/13/06 - 08:46 AM
Eager Seas (Watashi Wa/Seth Roberts) have officially changed their name to Lakes. Check out their Myspace page for the official word and to see they have a new EP coming soon!

Submitted by bgkersey
Katie Schmitz on 06/13/06 - 03:56 AM
Nettwerk Music Group in Los Angeles has three new positions open for a designer, online marketer and programmer. Check out the replies for full details on how to apply.
Nettwerk DetailsDESIGNER (Web and Print)
* Full time design position in Nettwerk Music Group's Los Angeles office.
* Design and create artists’ specific collateral and identity for both print and web.
* Work as a team with our worldwide offices in gathering art elements for CD, vinyl, and digital releases.
* Design collateral material for Nettwerk Music Group's artists including album art, web sites, print advertising, posters, stickers, postcards, CD samplers, web banners and more.
* Working knowledge of graphic...
Jake Wallace on 06/01/06 - 02:18 PM
A press release from Reel Big Fish regarding their forthcoming live CD/DVD package, summer tour, and split-release can be found below.
Reel Big Fish UpdateThe rising price of gasoline got you down? Worn out from stressing about the plight of the endangered snow leopard? Sick and tired of waiting patiently for the Kevin Federline record? Chillax. Your good friends in Reel Big Fish are back to distract you from all that with a brand new live record/DVD and another one of their infamous summer tours!

Now free from the constraints of being tied to a major label, Reel Big Fish’s next release will be a specially-priced, three-disc set titled, Our Live Album is Better Than Your Live Album,...
Brandon Allin on 05/17/06 - 07:08 PM
Reel Big Fish has announced that their forthcoming live CD/DVD package will be titled Our Live Album Is Better Than Your Live Album. The release is set to hit stores this summer.
Brandon Allin on 05/06/06 - 10:18 AM
I'm going to be interviewing Michael Ray Bower, better known as Donkey Lips, from Salute Your Shorts. If you have any questions for him, serious ones please, leave them in the replies.
Caleb Cattivera on 05/01/06 - 07:34 PM
Bedlight For Blueeyes will be debuting their new vocalist, Danny, at their show with Crash Romeo and Vampire For Hire. Below are the details.
Show DetailsMay 19th
Hamilton St. Cafe
Bound Brook, NJ
Jon Foucart on 05/01/06 - 06:51 PM
Mike from MxPx ("Move Along") and Seth from Watashi Wa ("That Girl") both make guest appearances on Gasoline Heart's debut, You Know Who You Are.
Jon Foucart on 04/26/06 - 08:33 PM
Jarrod Alexander is now the official drummer of A Static Lullaby. ...And don't forget that two new demos from the band are located here and an interview with them can be found here.
Jon Foucart on 04/24/06 - 11:31 AM
Pelican have posted an update on their Myspace page.
Brandon Herbel on 04/22/06 - 07:08 AM
The new album from Quick and the Dead - Consider Your Options is now out and available from Smartpunk here. The band is currently on a short tour with Brightwood up the West Coast. Look for summer tour dates posted soon.
Gabe Gross on 04/13/06 - 04:10 PM
The Jonbenet's new album, Ugly/Heartless, will be released in June. Vinyl versions of The Plot Thickens and Ugly/Heartless are in the works.
Jon Foucart on 04/10/06 - 09:17 PM
Playing this year's "Movin' On Festival": at Penn State University on April 22nd: The Audition, Gym Class Heroes, The Hush Sound, Pete Francis (formerly of Dispatch), Talib Kweli, and RX Bandits. This show is free to everyone and will take place from noon til midnight on the HUB lawn. Head to MovinOn.Org for time schedule and more information.

Submitted by: etidnj13
Frank Giaramita on 04/09/06 - 11:44 PM
Pelican now has a special pre-order bundle available for the release of the vinyl version of March Into The Sea. More details regarding the release can be found below.
March Into The Sea Vinyl"This was basically a labor of true love. March Into the Sea is one of our favorites songs. This 12 version was mastered to perfection by John Golden, so its different than the CD in that aspect. Everything was done to up the value of the analog version, both in audio and aesthetic. The covers were hand screened, and the different colors chosen represent the palette of color well. They sound great and look great, esp. the vellum version."
Jon Foucart on 04/08/06 - 03:15 PM
You can watch a live video of The Higher covering Usher's "Nice And Slow" on Google.com.

Note: Does anyone else think that Seth, the singer, looks like the Lion from Wizard Of Oz?
Frank Giaramita on 04/06/06 - 03:41 PM
Ordinary Clothing (Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance) has just released their new Spring line. To coincide, they have just launched a brand new website and have posted a lengthy update about recent happenings with the company.
Jon Foucart on 04/05/06 - 03:11 AM
Lucero are releasing The Attic Tapes on April 11th. The tracklisting, as well as more info on the disc is listed below. Pre-orders for this disc are available here.
The Attic Tapes1. Into Your Eyes
2. Diamond State Heartbreak
3. Hello Sadness
4. Gone to the Sea
5. Summer Song
6. In Lonesome Times
7. A Heart So True
8. Took the Fall
9. The Blue and the Gray
Bonus Tracks:
1. Wish Me Luck (from Lucero early demos)
2. Katherine and Me (from Lucero early demos)
3. So Long Tonight (from Lucero early demos)
4. My Best Girl (from rare Lucero 7")
5. Kiss the Bottle (from rare Lucero 7")

This reissue of Lucero’s The Attic Tapes brings a longtime unavailable early album back into print. Heralded...
Jon Foucart on 03/31/06 - 12:05 AM
Chris from Number One Gun recently posted a brand new song on Myspace for his other band Surrogate.
Jon Foucart on 03/27/06 - 10:46 AM
Apparentley Donkey Lips, from the popular Nickelodeon show Salute Your Shorts, is a rapper now. Check it out here.

Submitted by: Brice Evans
Caleb Cattivera on 03/23/06 - 11:49 AM
You can now pre-order Set Your Goals' Reset EP right here. The band's video for "Goonies Never Say Die" is now complete, so watch out for that surfacing soon.
Jon Foucart on 03/22/06 - 12:45 AM
Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates on my interviews. I've had some personal things going, and I'm getting ready to move to California so things have been crazy. I wanted to let you all know that my The Receiving End Of Sirens, Early November, and Adair interviews will all be posted in the coming days. All three turned out great, with some information you all wanted to know about the bands. Now, I want some feedback from you, who would you like to see interviewed? Big or small it doesn't matter, I want to get the bands YOU want to see.
Caleb Cattivera on 03/21/06 - 11:13 AM
You can now check out the cover art for The Warriors' upcoming album, Beyond The Noise. The disc is scheduled to be released on June 20th via Eulogy Recordings.
Jon Foucart on 03/19/06 - 01:42 AM
I've got an exlusive link for Racing Kites to download their new song, Late Night. Click here, and save as. Enjoy!
Caleb Cattivera on 03/17/06 - 11:24 AM
According to sources, The Beastie Boys played a secret show tonight in Austin, TX as part of SXSW.
Frank Giaramita on 03/17/06 - 02:21 AM
The Taj Motel Trio are currently competing in the semi-finals of the Bon Jovi "Have a Nice Gig" competition. This week, the band are up against five others competing to be crowned this weeks champion. Once all is said and done, the band recieving the most votes will open for Bon Jovi at Madison Square Gardens in NYC. The online voting can be found here. To check out what the band had to say regarding the contest, read below:

A Message From The Taj Motel TrioIt’s been a month since we opened for Bon Jovi and now we’re at it again. As part of our contest winnings, we are now competing in the Bon Jovi “Have a Nice Gig” Semi-Finals. Over the next four weeks, 6 bands will compete online...
Brandon Allin on 03/14/06 - 10:12 AM
xoElliott have posted a brand new track on their MySpace.com page. The track, entitled "Coyote Theme Winter", comes from the bands forthcoming, debut EP, The Darker Side of Figure Skating, due out shortly.
Brandon Allin on 03/12/06 - 01:53 PM
Jesu has posted some clips from the new EP, Silver, due out on April 11th.
Jon Foucart on 03/10/06 - 11:24 PM
Single Frame's new album, Everything Wants to be Used for What It Was Made For, will be out April 11th. This release collects most remixes from their previous three releases and also shares demos and rare tracks recorded over the last five years.
Paul Tao on 03/10/06 - 11:56 AM
If you go to this website, register and click "Album of the Month", you can stream Mogwai's entire new album, Mr. Beast.

Submitted by Joe
Paul Tao on 03/09/06 - 11:28 AM
Cartel , Rookie of the Year, and Thin Dark Line have been added to this years Flipside Festival in Centreville, VA. A list of all of the bands that are playing is below:
BandsRelient K
Motion City Soundtrack
Hidden In Plain View
Rookie of the Year
This Day And Age
Over It
The Spill Canvas
Amber Pacific
All Time Low
Thin Dark Line
Downtown Singapore
33 West
House Of Heros
Pink Spiders
Ryan Imhof on 03/08/06 - 09:19 PM
The new Futureheads album, News And Tributes, will be out on May 23rd, with the first single being "Skip To The End".
Tracklist1. Yes/No
2. Cope
3. Fallout
4. Skip To The En
5. Burnt'
6. News And Tributes
7. Return Of The Beserker
8. Back To The Sea
9. Worry About It Later
10. Favours For Favours
11. Thursday
12. Face
Paul Tao on 03/08/06 - 05:55 PM
Bamboozle added some more bands to the festival (AFI And Alexisonfire are the two big ones). Check out their Myspace.com page for details.
Frank Giaramita on 03/08/06 - 03:16 PM
The 2006 "Ozzfest" line-up is to be announced tomorrow night at 9EST right here.

Jon Foucart on 03/08/06 - 01:10 PM
The new Grandaddy album, Just Like The Fambly Cat, will be out on May 9th.
Tracklist1. What Happened...
2. Jeez Louise
3. Summer...It's Gone
4. Oxygen/Aux Send
5. Rear View Mirror
6. The Animal World
7. Skateboarding Saves Me Twice
8. Where I'm Anymore
9. 50%
10. Guide Down Denied
11. Elevate Myself
12. Campershell Dreams
13. Disconnecty
14. This Is How It Always Starts
Paul Tao on 03/07/06 - 11:48 AM
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