Wife & Child are a new band from Baltimore, MD. Composed of Kenny Ramirez (ex-Lady Radiator and Murder and The Harlot), Matt Boylan (ex-Spark Is A Diamond, Fall River) and Matt Galler (ex-Brighter Shades, Gatsby Gets The Green Light). They have just recorded a brand new EP with Paul Leavitt (All Time Low, Circa Survive, Senses Fail) and are currently playing shows. You can check out some of their music here.
Keagan Ilvonen on 08/23/12 - 10:09 AM
The Tonight Life (ex-Hometown Anthem) will be releasing their self-titled EP through Emerald Moon Records on October 28th. You can pre-order it for $5 at the Emerald Moon merch store. The track list is below and the artwork is in the replies.
Track List1. Just For Tonight
2. Summerfire
3. What We Used To Know
4. Lying Through My Teeth
5. On & On
Tony Pascarella on 10/19/08 - 07:06 PM
Girlfight's new EP, Haggard is now available for pre-order in the Emerald Moon Records merch store. The tracklist is below, and the artwork is in the replies. The EP releases October 28th.
Track List1. Love Games (City of Extracted Teeth)
2. The Idiot (Suplex Fever)
3. Beartrap (Tarpit II)
4. Celebrity Funerals (Ex-Mountain Rider)
5. Pet Names (Portrait of a Glacier)
Tony Pascarella on 10/19/08 - 06:58 PM
Emerald Moon Records are having a summer blowout sale in their webstore. They have put together three separate 4-CD bundles, which are retailing for $6 apiece (making each CD only $1.50). You can pick up albums from artists such as Hometown Anthem and Morning for the Masses.
Tony Pascarella on 06/29/08 - 03:41 PM
Spark is a Diamond is recording their debut full-length, Try This on for Size, with Paul Leavitt this week. The record will be mixed next week in Seattle by Matt Bayles. Check out some in-studio videos of the band on their myspace page.
Tony Pascarella on 01/17/08 - 10:31 PM
The high resolution artwork for Lady Radiator's upcoming album, Bounce Energy Hear Me Out, has been added to the AP Gallery. In addition, the tracklist for the album is below. The album will be available October 16 through Emerald Moon Records.
Track List01. Kids For Sale
02. Her Snowfall Was A Line of Cocaine
03. Ready. Explode.
04. Scientist. The Spaceship.
05. Segway
06. Bitter. Life. Elute.
07. Can You Spare Some Change?
08. Ships Are For Sailing. Not For Leaving.
09. Box Turtle. Magnificent Isn't She.
10. Wayne Brady, Don't Hold Me Back
Tony Pascarella on 09/28/07 - 11:02 AM
Mourning For The Masses are searching for a drummer to become a permanent member of the band. You can contact the band through their myspace or email them: morningforthemasses@yahoo.com.

Submitted by niktyler
Jared Kaufman on 08/22/07 - 08:02 AM
Morning for the Masses had their trailer broken into while in Brooklyn this past weekend. About $9000 of their gear was taken, including some vintage guitars. Check out their Myspace if you're interested in making a donation to help them out via Paypal.
Tony Pascarella on 07/23/07 - 10:23 AM
Hometown Anthem has posted some new songs on their Purevolume page.

Submitted by Praetor
Ryan Imhof on 05/08/07 - 07:09 PM
Morning for the Masses is looking for a replacement drummer for their upcoming 45-day, nationwide tour. If you think you're up for it, contact the band via their Myspace.
Scott Irvine on 05/01/07 - 01:56 PM
One of Emerald Moon Records' newest signings, The Spotlight, will release their full-length debut, Slug Love, on May 15th.

Track Listing
01) Home Is A Lost Concept
02) Constance
03) Driving
04) Gravity
05) Live Together, Die Alone
06) Number Five (featuring guest vocals from Alex of All Time Low)
07) The Other Side
08) Slug Love
09) The Escape Artist
10) A Sad, Sad Story
11) Maps
12) A Thousand Lines
Tony Pascarella on 04/25/07 - 10:50 AM
Jon Foucart on 04/18/07 - 04:33 PM
You can check out Spark Is A Diamond's video for "Check Your Lease, You're In F**k City" in the replies.
Jon Foucart on 04/01/07 - 12:39 PM
My America Is Watching Tigers Die needs helping with booking an upcoming tour. The dates have been posted on their myspace so if you see some you can help with then get in contact with them.

Submitted By: FBRDC
Jared Kaufman on 03/26/07 - 06:47 AM
Morning for the Masses will be embarking on a two week tour in late April and early May. If you are interested helping them book shows, then head to replies for the tour dates and see what you can do.
Scott Irvine on 02/25/07 - 06:41 PM
Due to the recent departure of bassist Justin Lloyd, Morning For the Masses is looking for a tour fill-in as well as a permanent replacement. Read their message posted on Myspace below to get the full scoop. Send an email to morningforthemasses@yahoo.com if you're interested.
MFTM Seeks New BassistAs many of you know, our current bassist justin was in a band called A Perfect Kiss before he joined our band. Justin is still with A Perfect Kiss and has recently decided that he would have to quit A Perfect Kiss to be a fully committed member of our band. This has left Justin with a choice between us and A Perfect Kiss. Justin has chosen APK.

This leaves us needing a bassist for our upcoming...
Scott Irvine on 01/30/07 - 02:25 PM
Below is a message from Hometown Anthem regarding Joe Crawford's departure and their search for a new singer.
Hometown Anthem MessageHey everyone out there, Steve from Hometown Anthem here. As some of you may have read we have parted ways with our singer Joe Crawford. For everyone that didn't know or was wondering if the rumors are true, they are. We have known Joe for years and are sorry to see him go but we wish him the best of luck in everything. We will definately be seeing him, he is still a friend to us.

But at this point begins the search. We are looking for a new frontman for Hometown Anthem. We aren't laying out any kind of requirements because we want everyone interested to...
Tony Pascarella on 01/25/07 - 06:35 AM
Morning For the Masses are currently streaming their entire upcoming EP, entitled Seconds, on PureVolume. Listen to the entire album right here. The EP drops on January 30th and is available for pre-order through SmartPunk. Check it out and let us know what you think in the replies.
Scott Irvine on 01/24/07 - 05:18 PM
Vocalist Joe Crawford is no longer in Hometown Anthem.

Submitted by girlsrgreat3
Tony Pascarella on 01/23/07 - 09:40 AM
Pluto Records and Emerald Moon Records are combining forces to release a limited four part 7 inch vinyl series from The Jonbenet. The series is titled Devil Music, and each of the four volumes will consist of an alternate recording of one song from the bands newest album, Ugly/Heartless, and a cover song. Each volume will be limited to 666 copies, and will be pressed on 3 different colors of wax within that number. The series will only be available through both label's websites as well as directly from the band at their shows. Devil Music Vol. 1 will feature "Devils (Badlose Mix)" and "1996" (Marilyn Manson cover), and will be available soon.
Jon Foucart on 01/15/07 - 11:55 AM
Mixing for Morning for the Masses' upcoming EP, Seconds, was recently finished with Paul Leavitt (All Time Low) at the helm. TurtleTone will be mastering the tracks later this week. Unmastered demos can be found at the band's myspace.
Scott Irvine on 12/19/06 - 04:55 PM
Morning For The Masses will soon enter the studio with Paul Leavitt to record their sophomore Emerald Moon Records release. You can listen to demos for the seven-song EP, entitled Seconds, at their Myspace page.
Julia Conny on 11/29/06 - 05:20 PM
Spark Is A Diamond's new EP, Keep Your Eyes Off The Prize, is slated for a November 14th release via Emerald Moon Records. You can check out a couple tracks from the effort right here.
Jon Foucart on 10/26/06 - 11:09 PM
Emerald Moon Records has recently made the following releases available on Itunes. So for all of you who weren't able to buy the cd, here's your chance.
Now AvailableEMR 009: Morning for the Masses - Wake Up Better
EMR 010: Hometown Anthem - Don't Hold On To What You Hear
EMR 013: Boy Crazy - Whale Songs to Kensington Garden
EMR 014: Inferis - Fear the Engineer
EMR 015: My America is Watching Tigers Die - Narratives
More releases will follow shortly.
Nathan Lint on 10/16/06 - 06:44 PM
Emerald Moon Records (All Time Low) has sent in an update regarding the happenings with the label:
EMR UpdateEveryone please welcome The Everyday File! Spawning from the creative and ever expansive mind of Benjamin Seaward Hirschhorn (Morning For The Masses, this project is something completely new and something extremely refreshing. Some call it electronica, and some call it pop. Others call it new wave, others do not. Either way, head over and find out for yourself. Digital EP to follow!

Spark Is A Diamond's new EP, Keep Your Eyes Off The Prize, is coming out November 14th. Make sure to catch a CD RELEASE PARTY WEEKEND with many EMR Family in the near future. Details coming...
Pat Marquez on 10/12/06 - 10:22 AM
Emeral Moon Records newest signing, Spark Is A Diamond, have posted two new songs off their debut release, Keep Your Eyes Off The Prize. The EP is due out on October 17th. Recommended for fans of Death From Above 1979, The Faint and Blood Brothers.
Jared Kaufman on 09/04/06 - 09:11 AM
Hometown Anthem will be releasing their new EP, If We Could Dream, on September 26th through Emerald Moon Records.
Ryan Imhof on 08/30/06 - 09:45 AM
Hometown Anthem has posted a new song on their MySpace page titled "The Greatest Thing."
Ryan Imhof on 08/04/06 - 05:36 AM
Emerald Moon Records has some updates on their new merch and some of their bands. Read below to get the scoop:
EMR UpdateEMERALD MOON RECORDS just signed a deal with MERCHDIRECT so be
on the lookout for their online store to be up very shortly with all new merch!
Also look for somenew signings and some new releases very soon at EMR
Headquarters! Head over to EMR's brand new website to check out all the details very soon!

HOMETOWN ANTHEM just returned home from their tour with The Summer
Obsession and Settings, and now have a bunch of local shows coming up,
including a Warped Tour date. Check out their for more details. Also listen
to two new songs from their upcoming EP. More...
Katie Schmitz on 08/01/06 - 05:16 PM
My America Is Watching Tigers Die has posted a new song called "Scumbag" on their Myspace. They're new cd 'Narratives' is out now on Emerald Moon.

Submitted by Dudebroham
Katie Schmitz on 07/21/06 - 09:47 AM
Hometown Anthem has posted a new song titled "A Miracle in the Making" on their MySpace page. The song appears on their upcoming EP which will be released sometime in early September.
Ryan Imhof on 06/29/06 - 09:34 PM
Hometown Anthem will be posting their new single on their MySpace page at midnight tonight. The single is off of their upcoming EP which should be released in early September.
Ryan Imhof on 06/29/06 - 07:16 AM
The Hush Hush are about to enter the studio with producer Paul Leavitt (All Time Low, Thin Dark Line) and Matt Bayles (Blood Brothers, These Arms Are Snakes) to record their new EP which should hit stores sometime this fall.
Ryan Imhof on 06/23/06 - 03:01 PM
My America Is Watching Tigers Die has posted two new tracks from their upcoming CD on their MySpace page. The cd is entitled Narratives and is due out on July 18th through Emerald Moon Records. The cover art and all of their tour dates are below:
Tour DatesJun 23 2006 6:00P Morningstar Church Quakertown, PA
Jul 9 2006 6:00P TBA (M.F.J.) Ocean View, DE
Jul 14 2006 6:00P The Harmony Grange (Release Show) Wilmington, DE
Jul 15 2006 6:00P The Perkasie Firehall Perkasie, PA
Jul 16 2006 11:00A Roscoe Fireman's Field (New York, New York Festival w/ Madison, All Time Low) Roscoe, NY
Jul 17 2006 7:00P Auburn Public Theater ...
Ryan Imhof on 06/14/06 - 11:58 AM
Below is a message from Boy Crazy regarding the future of the band:
Boy Crazy MessageIf you have the record we released, you will notice that we mentioned something about following your instincts.

As many of you know, I have been forced to wear a neck brace while I play my instrument. This is to help stabilize my cervical spine as there are two vertebrae in my neck that have caused me intense neck and shoulder pain over the past 3 years. After years of physical therapy, acupuncture, and countless doctor visits, I have come to accept that this is a part of my life for the time being. Unfortunately, this would prohibit me from touring or playing for an extended period of time....
Ryan Imhof on 06/13/06 - 07:00 PM
Hometown Anthem is currently in the studio recording a new EP which should be out this summer. You can view some photos from the studio here and a video update can be seen at their MySpace page.
Ryan Imhof on 05/17/06 - 04:15 PM
Emerald Moon Records have signed Inferis from Buffalo, NY. Their 6-song debut, Fear the Engineer, will release on May 16th through EMR. Preorder it here and receive a free shirt (while supplies last).
Tony Pascarella on 04/29/06 - 10:16 PM
Boy Crazy's new EP Whale Songs To Kensington Garden out on Emerald Moon Records April 25th is up for pre-order over at Smartpunk. Also, for a limited time while supplies last, you also get a free Boy Crazy T-Shirt with purchase. And if you are in the Maryland area don't forget to make it out to the CD Release Party this Friday April 14th in Towson, MD at Recher Theater.
Pat Marquez on 04/12/06 - 06:00 PM
Emerald Moon Records have posted a massive update on the label's future releases and news. Read it below.
Message from EMRHello All! Sorry for the disappearing act we pulled over the past month or so, but we have had a lot going on and now it is time for us to fill you in on everything!

First, lets give a great big congratulations to ALL TIME LOW for signing to HOPELESS RECORDS. We here at Emerald Moon couldn't be happier for the boys in All Time Low. We are pleased and honored to have worked and released two discs with All Time Low and we are excited to see what is up next for them. They will forever be apart of our family. Head over to their MYSPACE page for more info on their...
Tony Pascarella on 04/06/06 - 01:44 PM
Recently there has been some bigger labels showing interest in Hometown Anthem and they are currently writing a handful of new material to demo. Look for two new songs to appear on the Emerald Moon Records Sampler this Spring/Summer and a new EP soon thereafter. Also be on the lookout for the band to hit the road in early June. Check out their Myspace page for all upcoming events!
Pat Marquez on 04/04/06 - 05:24 PM
You can listen to a new Boy Crazy song at Emerald Moon Records' Myspace page. Boy Crazy will release their Emerald Moon Records debut EP on April 18th and are currently looking for a singer.
Ryan Imhof on 03/29/06 - 09:19 PM
Here's the tracklisting for the new EP, Whale Songs to Kensington Garden, from Emerald Moon Records' Boy Crazy.
Boy Crazy EP Tracklisting1. Artanctica
2. Egyptian Plover and the Crocodile
3. Ex Jaerz
4. I'm Not A Tigres, I'm A Tiger
5. Firt Gladvium
6. Light Vessels of Pride Rock
7. Cosmo Memory
The release will feature a full-length DVD, and will be available on April 18th. Listen to tracks 4 and 5 on their Purevolume and track 2 and a DVD preview on their Myspace.

Submitted by: Pete Grusell
Tony Pascarella on 03/06/06 - 08:34 PM
Boy Crazy's EP/DVD, Whale Songs to Kensington Garden, has been given a release date of April 18th via Emerald Moon Records. (Remind Me)
Ryan Imhof on 03/05/06 - 09:26 PM
Emerald Moon Records has signed DE's My America Is Watching Tigers Die. Check out the press release below:
EMR Signs "Your Favorite Band Name"Emerald Moon Records is proud and excited to announce that My America Is Watching Tigers Die is joining the EMR Family. Hailing from the small state of Delaware, My America Is Watching Tigers Die has become more than just a band to its members; it has become a way of life. With the driving desire to make some much needed changes in the hardcore scene, My America Is Watching Tigers Die brings a unique brand of aggressive music to the table.

The band fuses elements of hardcore bands like Botch and Converge, with the experimentalism of bands like...
Pat Marquez on 02/16/06 - 01:30 PM
Emerald Moon's Stars Turn Cold will be heading out on tour with The Campaign 1984 in February and March. The dates are below.
Stars Turn Cold & The Campaign 1984 Tour Dates2/10 Cumberland, MD @ Crazy Ahern's Arcade
2/11 Greenville NC @ Score's w/ Thumbscrew
2/12 Greenville NC @ The Spazzatorium w/ Folly, The Blackoutpact
2/13 Summerville SC @ Skardon Hall
2/15 Tampa FL @ The Brass Mug
2/16 West Palm Beach FL @ Respectable Street
2/17 Miami FL @ The Music Factory
2/18 Jacksonville FL @ Club Fuel
2/19 Memphis TN @ The Rally Point

*Stars Turn Cold only*
2/20 Keavy KY @ The Stables
2/23 London KY @ Levi Jackson House w/ Scarlet, The Esoteric, Fight Paris and Calico System
2/24 Virgina Beach...
Tony Pascarella on 02/02/06 - 03:15 PM
Emerald Moon's Morning For The Masses have a new website up and running. Their album Wake Up Better is in stores now and you can purchase it here
Tony Pascarella on 01/28/06 - 11:40 AM
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