Afrobots (Tony Haajar of At the Drive In, Sparta and Todd Weinstock of Glassjaw, Men, Women, and Children) has announced a show on June 11th at Tommy Chong and Snoop Dogg's Spring Gathering Festival. In addition, you can watch a music video from the band in the replies.
Christian Wagner on 06/03/11 - 08:24 AM
Todd, Nick and Skully are leaving Men Women & Children; you can find their full statement below.
StatementThis letter comes from Todd and Nick in my bedroom in the East Village, and using the magic of the Interweb, Skully too, from London. We are sorry if the tenses change (Todd and I, or Nick and I, etc.) but it's because we are all writing this together.

Todd Nathaniel Weinstock, Nicholas Andrew Conceller and David Skully Sullivan-Kaplan are departing Men Women & Children.

December 29th will be the last show for Todd, Skully and Nick @ The Blender Theatre in NYC. We cordially invite you to come and have a great time. We are going all out for this final night, and it's not to be...
Paul Tao on 11/19/08 - 11:44 AM
Nick Hook of Men Women & Children has a new mixtape you can download for free here. Also, you can follow him on Twitter here.
Paul Tao on 10/02/08 - 01:52 PM
Men Women & Children are currently having a sale on their "Ultra Hot Volcano" 7" single, selling it for $3.99 this week.
Paul Tao on 07/31/08 - 11:13 AM
We're giving away two copies of Men Women & Children's new single "Ultra Hot Volcano" on 7" vinyl; each copy is hand-numbered. Just email contests@absolutepunk.net with the subject line "Men Women & Children" and we will pick two winners at random tomorrow (the 11th) at noon PST.
Paul Tao on 06/10/08 - 03:02 PM
Men Women & Children have a half-priced sale going on at their merch store.

Submitted by emmicate
Julia Conny on 05/22/08 - 09:29 PM
Men Women & Children have posted two new songs, "Ultra Hot Volcano" and "Back To Life," on their Myspace. The songs are out digitally and will be out on vinyl this week.
Paul Tao on 05/12/08 - 10:40 AM
Because of a manufacturing delay, Men Women & Children's new single "Ultra Hot Volcano" has had its vinyl release date pushed back to next Tuesday, May 13th (as part of limited edition, hand-numbered 7" records). The single and b-side is out digitally now though.
Paul Tao on 05/06/08 - 02:29 PM
Nick Hook from Men Women & Children has released his new DJ mixtape Nick Hook Meets Taste which you can download for free right here. The download includes art and the story behind the mixtape.
Paul Tao on 04/21/08 - 01:50 PM
Paul Tao on 04/15/08 - 02:29 PM
Men Women & Children will be releasing their new single "Ultra Hot Volcano" digitally and on limited-edition vinyl on May 6th through IAMSOUND Records. The vinyl (hand-numbered and red vinyl) will be on sale online, at their shows the week before release date, including Bamboozle, and is also available for pre-order here.
Paul Tao on 04/08/08 - 10:37 AM
Update: The chat is now over. We'd like to thank Men, Women & Children for joining us tonight and Nick for staying for so long. Their new single will be out April 29th.

Men, Women & Children
will be chatting in this thread starting at approximately 8 p.m. EST. They will be chatting under the names TJRexone, SkullyMWC, NickMWC, ToddMWC and RickMWC. Come in and talk to them about their last album, what they've been up to the past couple years, their future plans, or just to say hello.
Paul Tao on 03/27/08 - 04:49 PM
Men, Women & Children will be chatting here on AP.net Thursday night at 8 PM EST, to discuss their whereabouts the past couple of years and their future plans.
Paul Tao on 03/25/08 - 10:16 AM
Men Women and Children will be touring with RX Bandits this November. Find the dates on their MySpace; also appearing on all dates is Nurses.
Paul Tao on 09/13/07 - 11:33 AM
Nick from Men, Women and Children has started a blog where he'll dive into his record collection and post some MP3s, showcase some of his friends and their projects that deserve attention, and keep fans up-to-date when the band starts writing and recording again.
Jared Kaufman on 06/25/07 - 01:38 PM
Men, Women, & Children have left Warner/Reprise Records. They have explained the situation in a Myspace blog. The full statement can be found in the replies.
Anton Djamoos on 06/13/07 - 05:01 PM
If you're entering our contest with Men, Women & Children, please make sure you include which state you'll be seeing the show in in the header of your email.
Jared Kaufman on 04/05/07 - 08:27 AM
At the end of March, Men Women & Children will be heading out on tour with We Are The Fury and others; dates below. If you want to purchase tickets, head to the band's myspace.
Tour DatesWed Mar 28: Providence, RI @ The Century Lounge w/We Are The Fury
Thurs Mar 29: Farmingdale,NY @ The Crazy Donkey w/WATF and others!
Fri Mar 30: Boston, MA - TBA shortly!
Sat Mar 31: Emmitsburg, MD @ Mount St. Mary's College - MWC college show
Sun Apr 1: Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar w/WATF
Mon Apr 2: Washington, DC @ Rock N Roll Hotel w/WATF
Tues Apr 3: Philadelphia, PA @ North Star Bar w/WATF
Wed Apr 4: Buffalo, NY @ Buffalo Icon w/Bedouin Soundclash and WATF
Thurs Apr 5: ...
Jared Kaufman on 03/13/07 - 09:49 AM
Men, Women and Children's 2007 tour schedule can be found at Dance In My Blood.
Jared Kaufman on 02/06/07 - 10:35 AM
Men, Women & Children have made an unreleased demo called "James Bond" available right here.

Submitted by Bazil
Jon Foucart on 12/10/06 - 04:51 PM
Men, Women & Children have posted the first video in a series of tour videos from their treks across the world on MySpace.
Jared Kaufman on 12/06/06 - 12:42 PM
All of Men, Women & Children's upcoming tour dates can be found below.
Tour DatesNov 13 2006 8:00P
Mr. Small's Theatre with KASABIAN Pittsburgh, PA
Nov 15 2006 8:00P
Center Stage with KASABIAN Atlanta, GA
Nov 16 2006 8:00P
State Theatre with KASABIAN St. Petersburg, FL
Nov 17 2006 8:00P
The Social with KASABIAN Orlando, FL
Nov 19 2006 8:00P
The Engine Room with KASABIAN Houston, TX
Nov 20 2006 8:00P
La Zona Rosa with KASABIAN Austin, TX
Nov 21 2006 8:00P
Gypsy Tea Ballroom with KASABIAN Dallas, TX
Nov 23 2006 8:00P
Gebaude 9 with THE KLAXONS Cologne
Nov 26 2006 8:00P
Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth, UK Portsmouth
Nov 27 2006 8:00P
Thekla in...
Jared Kaufman on 11/06/06 - 10:43 AM
Below is a letter from Men, Women & Children about how all of their equipment was stolen. And when I say all, I mean all. If there is anything you can do to help them get back on their feet, please head to their MySpace page and click the donate button; buying merch, or their album and songs on iTunes, will also do wonders for them. Every little bit helps! In upbeat news, though, the band has posted a new song, "Time For The Future," on MySpace.
Letter From MW&CDear people,

As some of you already know, our van and trailer and nearly every instrument we've ever had were stolen on Monday October 23rd in Detroit around 1 pm in the afternoon, right out of the parking lot of the Day's...
Jared Kaufman on 10/26/06 - 12:49 PM
Men Women and Children had their van stolen last night in Detroit, Michigan. You can read a message from the band below regarding the theft and what all they lost.
MessageMen Women and Children had our van and trailer, and nearly all of our gear, stolen outside of the Day's Inn we were staying in in Detroit. This theft occured at around 12:30 pm today (Monday, Oct 23). Pretty much our whole entire lives were in there. If you have any information at all, please contact either the police or our manager Anna at polyminx@gmail.com if you know anything about the following:

- a WHITE 2005 WHITE FORD ECONOLINE van, with plate number #5HY2994
- a RED 2006 Danzer Trailer D712TA35
- a Red...
Melissa Johnson on 10/23/06 - 04:27 PM
Men, Women and Children have released a batch of UK tour dates onto their myspace page.

Submitted by Bazil
Melissa Johnson on 10/15/06 - 08:13 PM
Men, Women & Children have added "Photosynthesis" and "Messy" (my personal favorite track on the record) to their MySpace player. Add them to your page and make your friends dance!
Jake Wallace on 09/10/06 - 03:34 PM
At The Rx Bandits show Thurdsay night Men, Women, and Children annouced that after their tour with Brand New that they will be embarking on a full U.S. tour this fall. The tour will be with Head Automatica.

Submitted by redhouseinc
Melissa Johnson on 06/30/06 - 06:29 PM
Men, Women, & Children's guitar tech, Ryan Sweeney has been found. Little detail has been announced but he is okay.
Messageryry is ok. we just found him. hes not in atlanta anymore. thanks for everyones help and compassion. thank you... its been a stressful day.
Ryan Imhof on 06/24/06 - 09:45 PM
Men, Women, & Children are back from the UK and currently on tour with Rx Bandits, The Exit, Desa, and I Am The Avalanche. On July 15th they will head out on Tour with Brand New. Check out tour dates here.

Katie Schmitz on 06/18/06 - 07:17 AM
Men, Women & Children is sorry to announce that they will be postponing next week's trip to the UK. The band is looking to re-book the show for the weekend of July 7th to 10th, most likely at the same venue. The good news is that there is a chance they'll play more than one show that weekend. The band would like to apologize to those who have purchased tickets; they'll let you know refund information as soon as they know (or if you can use the same ticket for the July show).
Jared Kaufman on 06/01/06 - 06:44 AM
Men, Women, & Children have upcoming tour dates with 30 Seconds To Mars as well as The Exit, Desa, RX Bandits, and I Am The Avalanche. The dates for each tour are in the replies.
Ryan Imhof on 05/04/06 - 12:25 PM
Men, Women, & Children has put up the song "Monkey Monkee Men" on their MySpace page. Their new self-titled album is in stores now.
Ryan Imhof on 05/03/06 - 05:42 PM
Men, Women, & Children's video for "Dance In My Blood" will begin airing this Monday on Fuse's Oven Fresh. Remember that Oven Fresh is based on how many votes a video gets so make sure to vote for them.
Ryan Imhof on 04/15/06 - 09:29 PM
The UK release date of Men, Women, & Children's debut album has been moved up a week to April 17th.
Ryan Imhof on 04/08/06 - 07:54 PM
Men, Women, & Children's self titled debut will hit stores in the UK on April 24th.
Ryan Imhof on 03/30/06 - 06:16 PM
If you're having any trouble finding the new Men, Women & Children album in stores, let them know as a comment on their MySpace page. Tell them exactly which store(s) (store name, city and state) you looked. They will make sure these stores get copies. You can also ask any CD store (except stupid Circuit City) to simply order a copy of the album for you, if they don't have it. If you do this, please still let the band know you had trouble finding it.
Jake Wallace on 03/23/06 - 04:05 PM
HeadAutomatica.net's interview with Men, Women & Children can be found here.
Jon Foucart on 03/22/06 - 12:45 AM
Newsday recently wrote an article about Men Women & Children; check it out right here. The band's new self- titled record hits shelves tomorrow (you can stream the entire album at AOLMusic.com)
Frank Giaramita on 03/20/06 - 12:44 PM
Men, Women, & Children have a new website. Their self titled album hits stores on March 21st and our review of the album can be read here.
Ryan Imhof on 03/16/06 - 05:36 PM
The self-titled debut album from new-wave dance punk funk ensemble Men, Women & Children is now up for pre-order through Smartpunk.com. The disc hits shelves on March 21st.

Note: The adjectives in this post were Smartpunk's choice of words, not mine.
Frank Giaramita on 03/03/06 - 02:28 AM
You can download a remix of Men, Women, & Children's "Dance In My Blood" at iTunes.
Ryan Imhof on 02/28/06 - 01:00 PM
Men, Women & Children are running a contest. Enter!
Jared Kaufman on 02/27/06 - 03:01 PM
Men, Women & Children's hilariously awesome video for "Dance In My Blood" has been added to their media player. It was done by the same guy who did the last Straylight Run video (I don't currently remember his name). Also, due to artwork delays, the release of their album has been pushed back a week until March 21st. I've seen all the art and it's definitely worth a week's wait.
Jake Wallace on 02/15/06 - 11:49 AM
Men, Women and Children were recently interviewed by Suicidegirls.com.
Jon Foucart on 02/11/06 - 07:36 PM
An e-card for Men, Women, & Children's upcoming self-titled album can be seen here. Their new album will hit stores March 14th, 2006.
Ryan Imhof on 02/09/06 - 04:57 PM
Men, Women & Children have made three songs from their debut album available for download on Myspace. The debut disc from the guy's hits stores on March 14th.
Jon Foucart on 02/04/06 - 04:36 AM
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