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Joe DeAndrea 04/27/09 03:40 PM

Bands on TV: Week of April 27th, 2009
Here are the bands on your television this coming week. Check your local listings for showtimes.
Bands on TV4/27 - All-American Rejects on David Letterman [CBS]
4/27 - Morrissey on Jimmy Fallon [R;NBC]
4/27 - The Decemberists on The Colbert Report [COM]
4/27 - Franz Ferdinand on Jimmy Kimmel [R;NBC]
4/29 - Manchester Orchestra on David Letterman [CBS]
5/1 - The Hold Steady on The Daily Habit [FUEL]
5/1 - Cold War Kids on Jimmy Fallon [R;NBC]

Dr. Acula 04/27/09 03:54 PM

Looking forward to Manchester, Morrissey and The Hold Steady.

aamai4 04/27/09 04:03 PM

The Decemberists vs. Colbert. I'm looking forward to it.

Charles777 04/27/09 04:04 PM

Cold War Kids, yay

Bikescene23 04/27/09 04:06 PM

Jimmy says to get a lot of good music guests.

and decemberists on colbert should be good. it was pretty funny when tv on the radio was on his program

zubinmoosa 04/27/09 04:28 PM

For sure looking forward to ManchOrch

princesschad 04/27/09 04:29 PM

Morrissey and Franz.

Yellowcard2006 04/27/09 04:29 PM

AAR and Manchester...excellent

gustinwisc 04/27/09 05:15 PM


cscwell107 04/27/09 05:46 PM

Def watching Manchester Orchestra

tentativetitle 04/27/09 07:31 PM

Solid Solid Lineup

YouSmellExcited 04/27/09 07:47 PM

too much indie

MattDennis 04/27/09 08:13 PM

Watching MO on Letterman for sure and then seeing the real thing the next night. I can't even focus right now...ahaha :excited:

atticusfinch 04/27/09 09:48 PM

manchester ftw.

TakenByCars 04/27/09 10:15 PM

i'll be tuning in to AAR and MO