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Pat Marquez 12/31/05 03:16 PM

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster Music Video
You can watch the new Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster video over at Zambooie.com

mylastnerv 12/31/05 03:36 PM

This band is fun. I want to book them badly, but their booking contact's inbox is full.

actionandaction 12/31/05 03:44 PM

I want some bbq.

mylastnerv 12/31/05 03:50 PM

Okay, why am I not getting any sound? wtf? if this video hosted anywhere else?

Ravenna 12/31/05 04:09 PM

everything dallas taylor does is gold

oceanblue 12/31/05 04:20 PM

the music biode works, nothing else does... I like that Maylene is so different than everything else.

ramblinger 12/31/05 05:16 PM

this was such a good cd... it didn't really feel like it got as much recognition as it should have though.

i guess that's how everybody feels about their favorites though.

mylastnerv 12/31/05 05:37 PM

This is gay . . . all I can do is watch the video and I don't get any sound. Does anyone have this they can send to me? Or any other ways to try to get the sound to work? I tried to re-install quicktime but no luck.

ramblinger 12/31/05 06:00 PM

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster - Tough As John Jacobs Music Video Code

go there... click on play video... hope it works for you.

i hope your close to a bbq pit afterwards.

ramblinger 12/31/05 06:05 PM

or if that other link doesn't work... try this one.


there's several good videos if you scroll down, maylene is at #3.

Criesofthepast7 12/31/05 09:06 PM

maylene is awesome. when they finally make it to Jersey, i will be in the front row screaming right in Dallas's face. i remember when they posted Never stop haunting on soundclick. boy where those the days.

halifaxsb86 12/31/05 11:37 PM

amazing cd