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Keagan Ilvonen 05/09/09 11:18 PM

Mooncake - Lagrange Points
Mooncake - Lagrange Points
Label: Cavity Records
Release Date: May 10th, 2008


Mooncake is a Russian post-rock band consisting of two guitars, a bass, cello/keyboard, and drums. The band started back in 2006, but has quickly gained recognition in the post-rock scene and has even played shows with big timers of the genre such as Explosions in the Sky and Russian Circles. Lagrange Points is the bandís first full-length album, and it leaves you with a refreshing faith in an oversaturated, watered-down music scene.

How is it?

Lagrange Points starts off very slow and melodic, which is enticing to listen to. Eventually, the rising guitar tones add more and more intensity giving the overall sound a lot of depth. The cello mixes in great as it blends the instruments together, making the album flow perfectly. This album is one you just have to listen to for yourself. Every track is full of emotion and is bound to take you on one hell of a ride. Although lots of songs have a slow and mellow tempo, they are packed with ringing guitar tones and delays. After listening to it multiple times, I canít find much wrong with album. If you find Explosions in the Sky to be a little too laid back for you then this is for you. If you find Russian Circles to be a little too extreme for your liking, this album is for you. I havenít heard a great post-rock album by an up-and-coming band in quite some time. It seems like the post-rock standbys, such as Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, and Sigur Ros, always release top notch records, but you hardly ever hear of a band that comes out of left field and surprises everyone. This is that band and this is their coming-out album. I would rank this album somewhere close to Moving Mountains Pneuma. Even if you have tried post-rock before, I suggest purchasing this album, turning off the lights, laying in bed, and losing yourself in its atmospheric vibes.

Recommended If You Like Explosions In The Sky; God Is An Astronaut; Russian Circles

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