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Paul Tao 05/10/09 08:06 PM

Atticus's Anthony Raneri And August Burns Red Shirts
Atticus have announced two more shirts in their signature series of collaborations with artists. These new shirts come from Anthony Raneri of Bayside and one from August Burns Red. You can view them here.

Whereisreggie 05/10/09 08:22 PM

I'm diggin both.

Nick Le 05/10/09 08:33 PM

I really want the ABR one. Anthony's is sick too.

lifeintherye 05/10/09 08:41 PM

They're both pretty sweet

djsclaus 05/10/09 08:54 PM

I like Anthony's more

Brandon Allin 05/10/09 08:58 PM

I'm a huge Anthony/Bayside fan, but I'm not really digging the tee.

chochobonewagon 05/10/09 09:08 PM

pretty kewl, i haven't bought anything atticus since high school though haha

screamoutmyname 05/10/09 10:06 PM


Alex DiVincenzo 05/10/09 10:25 PM

Designs are kind of cool and the bands are great, but the price is kind of steep.

TMS2787 05/11/09 07:44 AM

Both are meh.

ari telescope 05/11/09 09:43 AM

I loz Anthony Raneri's. Well done.