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Anton Djamoos 05/20/09 06:14 AM

Chasing Dreams That Are Slowing Down for Me...
Jeff Martin of This Day and Age is planning a solo/acoustic tour.

therookielot 05/20/09 06:23 AM

I have no idea who this band is.

killerswells 05/20/09 06:24 AM

me either.

Anton Djamoos 05/20/09 06:29 AM

For shame on the both of you.

maxvsmaradona 05/20/09 06:29 AM

Wilt chamberlain?

Starman 05/20/09 06:34 AM

This Day And Age.

areyoukiddingme 05/20/09 06:34 AM

This Day & Age.

the_chariot 05/20/09 06:36 AM

fat mike from nofx


mitch from suicide silence


emotionisdd 05/20/09 06:37 AM

very cool

HammersNStrings 05/20/09 06:38 AM

"The Bell and the Hammer" is such a pretty song.

schaft0620 05/20/09 06:46 AM

I would much rather see a certain band play with a certain singer

jeremypeele 05/20/09 06:47 AM

John Locke and The Others?

You'reSoCool 05/20/09 06:50 AM

Good Charlotte.

lovelesscrux 05/20/09 06:53 AM

holy crap YES!

maeisbeautiful 05/20/09 06:59 AM

SO excited!