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Joe DeAndrea 05/20/09 01:52 PM

From First to Last T-Shirts for $3
From First to Last are selling t-shirts in their merch store for $3.

fueledbyvictory 05/20/09 01:55 PM

that sounds cool. i don't really care for them, but i'd definitely buy one.

red8ge 05/20/09 01:57 PM

All in youth large/youth medium lol

anastasiamarie 05/20/09 02:06 PM

the shipping for three shirts was 10 bucks more than the actual merch cost but its still not a bad price.

AP_Punk 05/20/09 02:12 PM

too much

somewhatnormal 05/20/09 02:14 PM

They don't have the shirt that I wanted, that that they were out of last time I bought some stuff. I am tempted to get the bag though.

Full Effect Ed 05/20/09 02:15 PM

Still a rip off

JoeJealousy 05/20/09 02:27 PM

sizes are limited and shipping is too much

BigAl 05/20/09 02:27 PM

"Sonny Is My Homeboy." ;-)

fueledbyvictory 05/20/09 02:30 PM

wait, yeah. sizes are limited.

cory-182 05/20/09 02:32 PM

Cue all the "they should be cheaper" comments.

For whatever reasons, they seem to be offering their stuff for cheap, which is great for their fans.

Alex DiVincenzo 05/20/09 02:34 PM

Freshman year of high school Alex would be stoked

march-of-flames 05/20/09 02:34 PM

not the right sizes D: good deal though if the stuff happens to fit.

ari telescope 05/20/09 02:40 PM

Haha... Uh-Oh, here it comes... *ducks*

ndoleman 05/20/09 02:45 PM

oh god here comes the crazy thread again