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Julia Conny 05/26/09 07:45 PM

Settle - At Home We Are Tourists
Settle - At Home We Are Tourists
Release Date: May 19, 2009
Record Label: Epitaph Records

There are two simultaneous sentiments on Settleís At Home We Are Tourists. The first, the bandís core appeal, is the young energy driven from an album riddled with spazzy, big blow melodies. Frantic and three energy drinks down, the bandís Epitaph debut does just about everything except get boring. For that, we cheer. For that and for operating electronic melodies akin to Q and Not U. At the same time, with the synth hitting just as hard as their fuzzy, distorted guitar friends and every riff amped and deliberate, thereís a point during At Home when eyes bug and earbuds start to melt. Iím still not sure if this is good or bad.

Almost immediately with second track "Naked At A Family Function", the band shows their trick for crucial and smart choruses and hooks, and this doesnít wane for the rest of At Home. Waning is for a band thatís the exact opposite of Settle. Other tracks are better than others, obviously, but every song (except one: campy acoustic whistler "Sunday, Morning After") works a frenzy, somehow even the sluggish ender "Into The Mind of Those Who Commit Desperate Acts While Under The Influence of Others". The problem isnít a lack of musical prowess Ė itís too much prowess. Aggressive and toeing the line of over-saturation, Settle are chucking so many eggs at the basket that it becomes a strain to capture it all. Somewhere in the yolky mess, there is structured guitar pop, but the intensity of it all is the albumís central driving factor, and frankly, itís overwhelming.

But then again, when did I decide that aggression and frenzy were too much? When did I become such a pussy? As each track self-combusts into its own thrash of dancing indie rock and emo-tinged alternative of the early 2000ís, the bite is cutting-edge and, yet, still familiar to Clarity-era JEW, Brand New or Weezer (see: "Rite of Passage", "Affinity for My Hometown" and ďKick. Win!"). Singer Nick Rose is ordinary in an overstocked whine-croon (and sometimes howl), but he becomes a comfort source during At Homeís more erratic and/or lyrically bright moments. Itís often hard to make out what Rose is saying over the wailing keyboard embellishments, yet there are a handful of charismatic one-liners. "Affinity for My Hometown" ends its homage to the perils of Easton, PA doom with "when I die/just bury me in the backyard". "Murder" - a love song - sings "at night we'd walk under the trees/because we'd joke about being burnt by the moon."

Indie cred producer Adam Lasus give Settle a polished album thatís loose, bouncy and gracefully far from standard pop slick. If it werenít for the cohesiveness of production value and tone, At Home would have lost itself in its own care for letting notes fly like untamed windmills. I daresay, for the next Settle release, the band should house-train their structures. Theyíve got a mind for clever melody and meaningful words, but as of now, itís just close enough to too much.

Best TracksAffinity for My Hometown, Sunday, Morning After, Naked At a Family Function, ISO: 40yr M W/Kids Seeks 26yr F WO/Kid
RIYLWeezer, Jimmy Eat World, Dr. Manhattan, Damiera, Q and Not U
Where To GoMyspace | Official Website | Facebook | iTunes

Gumbyjag 05/27/09 03:57 AM

Great review. Looks like people here like it. A lot.

thehereaway 05/27/09 08:37 AM


Vocals 10000000000
Musicianship 10000000000
Lyrics 10000000000
Production 10000000000
Creativity 10000000000
Lasting Value 10000000000
Reviewer Tilt 10000000000
Average: 100000000000%

Must be pretty good... pretty sure i checked these guys out and didn't really like what i heard but will have another listen later today.

bankrom 05/27/09 09:19 AM

i've actually been digging this record... took a couple of spins and definitely wasn't what i was expecting.

stereokiller 05/27/09 09:38 AM


Vocals 5000000000.13
Musicianship 5000000000.13
Lyrics 5000000000.13
Production 5000000000.13
Creativity 5000000000.13
Lasting Value 5000000000.13
Reviewer Tilt 5000000000.13
Average: 50000000001%

AOTY. lmao.

Gregory Robson 05/27/09 09:48 AM

Adam Lasus attaching his name to this speaks volumes.
Also, the RIYL is hard to pass up.
Lastly, another near-flawless review from Julia Conny Pareles.

Yellowcard2006 05/27/09 09:51 AM

Great review. I streamed a couple tracks and a few days ago, and I liked what I heard. I'll need to give this another listen.

Julia Conny 05/27/09 12:04 PM


Originally Posted by Gregory Robson (Post 44039592)
Adam Lasus attaching his name to this speaks volumes.
Also, the RIYL is hard to pass up.
Lastly, another near-flawless review from Julia Conny Pareles.

Aww, thanks GR. Yeah, it's something to definitely check out, at the very least. I could see this band doing awesome awesome things. Using the word potential is so loaded these days, but Settle has tons of it.

Julia Conny 05/27/09 12:05 PM


Originally Posted by stereokiller (Post 44039122)
AOTY. lmao.

I don't know how it's possible to do that with our rating system, haha.

FullCollaspe 05/27/09 01:11 PM

Someone told they sound like Say Anything and Brand New combine. I haven't listen to them yet though.

loui 05/27/09 01:46 PM

the vocals strike me as odd. i'm getting into it though.

denissuxx 05/27/09 01:58 PM

I was supposed to write a review for this, but simply couldn't get into the album.

Unusual band to be on Epitaph..

Toner 05/27/09 02:45 PM

Damiera and Jimmy Eat World? Have to check it out now just to see what the hell that would sound like!

Mattylikesfilms 05/27/09 06:29 PM

Loving this album! I think "rite of passage" is one of their best tracks and "sunday morning" being one of their worst hah. Hope this record catches on