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mbarney82 09/26/11 12:27 AM


Originally Posted by BoomerSoonerJP (Post 87555151)
This review is not only awful, it's just plain wrong. Screw opinions. Fact: Lights and Sounds is simply an amazing album. A band shouldn't have to reproduce their hit cd over and over again or stick with the same style their entire career to be good. Yellowcard wrote and produced an awesome disc that I proudly spun many a times.

holly wood died was proably the best closer ive heard in a long time. and yes i agree

danjoshmass 10/23/11 04:56 PM


Originally Posted by sammyboy516 (Post 72339452)
i realize this is a super old quote, but listen to the clip of the aol sessions version of only one. dude can defiantly sing.

I realize this is a super old quote, but in that clip...
1. He's already singing the song a step lower and using a lot more falsetto.
2. Listen to 3:32-3:38.

awesomo91 06/28/13 11:53 AM

this album is gold, as any of their albums.

FTank 07/05/14 08:35 PM

I know this album has become cool to like, but in my book it still absolutely sucks. And I love Yellowcard.