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Paul Tao 06/07/09 03:31 PM

AP.net Sponsoring Rushmore's Economic Disastour
This summer, AP.net is sponsoring Rushmore's Economic Disastour, taking places at Hot Topics throughout the country. You can find all of the dates on the tour profile.

SteveD 06/07/09 04:39 PM

Hot Topic is not punk rock.

NoOneRunsFaster 06/07/09 04:49 PM


Originally Posted by SteveD (Post 44812402)
Hot Topic is not punk rock.

Untrue. I get all my favorite clothes and studded wristbands there. Nothing screams punkrock like studded leather wristbands, bandanas on my face, in my back pocket, around my wrist and black eyeliner.

anastasiamarie 06/07/09 05:02 PM

monmouth mal or woodbridge hmm

Theseventhson 06/07/09 05:02 PM

Hot Topic still exists?

emopunkfan 06/07/09 05:07 PM

yes hot topic still exists

RecklessXRandy 06/07/09 06:07 PM


neverenoughx 06/07/09 06:41 PM

Never heard of these guys but I live 10 minutes away from Freehold Mall.
I'll be there.

socoxlove 06/07/09 06:56 PM

i love themmm

rikfrommf 06/07/09 07:25 PM

"the country" =/= the east coast, unless there are dates outside of MD, VA, DE, NJ, and PA

xtheaudition 06/08/09 02:05 AM


slotcarEd 06/18/09 08:50 AM

these guys put on a great show!! payed in front of 10,000 people in Atlanta with The Pain White T's and sold out The Stone Pony on the jersey shore with All Time Low!!