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Paul Tao 06/08/09 02:23 PM

Discovery Album Out In July
Discovery, the side project of Rostam of Vampire Weekend and Wes of Ra Ra Riot, will release their debut album LP on July 7th through XL Recordings. You can download their song "Orange Shirt" for free here. It also features guest vocals from Ezra of Vampire Weekend and Angel Deradoorian of Dirty Projectors.

Samc1803 06/08/09 02:32 PM

Interesting. Will definitely be checking this one out.

SwishMX48 06/08/09 02:33 PM

This will be a great summer album. I really love this song.

j-mil 06/08/09 03:12 PM

I love this band so much. Their album comes out on my birthday. I'm definitely gonna pick it up.

i bet i bet 06/08/09 03:32 PM

yay! good timing.

perpetualself 06/08/09 03:47 PM

This song is great! Interested in the album now.

j-mil 06/08/09 05:02 PM

This song is better.


muzik4lyf5000 06/08/09 05:34 PM

excitedddddd wished they play some shows. Would love to hear Osaka Loop Line live.

from debris 06/08/09 07:27 PM

i like this

Brissona 06/09/09 07:22 AM

I love both songs on their myspace osaka loop line has a dope beat

fortyparachutes 06/09/09 08:14 AM

the fake cymbals ruin this song, although it would still sound like R. Kelly karaoke.

"Osaka Loop Line" is actually good, though.

glassagainstyou 06/09/09 10:12 AM

i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove them

j-mil 06/11/09 08:11 PM

LP is sooooooo good. I can't get enough, especially of So Insane, Swing Tree, and Slang Tang.