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Drew Beringer 06/25/09 10:39 AM

New Reviews - 06.25.09
See you later, Joben!
New Reviews: 06.25.09Alexisonfire - Old Crows/Young Cardinals (Drew Beringer)
Electric Owls - Ain't To Bright (Jeremy Aaron)
Regina Spektor - Far (Travis Parno)
Jeff Caudill - Try To Be Here (Gregory Robson)

WhoSaidThat? 06/25/09 10:54 AM

<3 I Love You, Man.

GreenJellyBean 06/25/09 05:01 PM

is i love you man out on dvd yet? that movie was hilarious.

YouMeHimAndHer 06/25/09 05:22 PM

Digging the I Love You, Man quote. Great movie. Slappa de bass!

BrennanHickson 06/25/09 08:14 PM

Ain't Too Bright could use another "O."

newfoundmichael 06/25/09 09:20 PM

yeah it definitely needs to come out on DVD soon.

Bluth 06/26/09 02:32 AM

I think it comes out in August. Stoked.

TachyonEvan 06/26/09 02:53 AM

I Love You, Man FTW