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Anton Djamoos 07/08/09 12:34 PM

Rumor: Guitar Hero 5 Track List
Looks like someone's listening. Thrice's "Deadbolt," Brand New's "Sowing Season," and Jimmy Eat World's "Bleed American" are in a rumored Guitar Hero 5 track list.

Source: Joystiq

tcemoo 07/08/09 12:36 PM

This list has been on the Guitar Hero site forever, but I recall Thrice saying they were sending in a new song so it can't be right.

EDIT: Basically, what happened is one of the big gaming mags (Game Informer) posted the band names in a really random order, so Guitar Hero fans assumed it was alphabetical by song, and filled in the blanks. Must be a song on Beggars that starts with "D".

zubinmoosa 07/08/09 12:36 PM

So. Awesome.

princesschad 07/08/09 12:38 PM


Calvin Lauber 07/08/09 12:38 PM

Sowing Season? That's fucking awesome.

edit: Woah, and Bleed American too? Yessss

Maxwell 07/08/09 12:39 PM

Out of all the Bronx songs with ridiculous riffs...they pick that one?

deezee 07/08/09 12:40 PM

I'm all about Rock Band...

jaryd 07/08/09 12:40 PM

and SDRE!

tcemoo 07/08/09 12:42 PM


Originally Posted by deezee (Post 47656512)
I'm all about Rock Band...

What is your avatar? It's logo looks like a Chrono Trigger ripoff.

Bostancic25 07/08/09 12:43 PM

I'd be cool with that list

Yellowcard2006 07/08/09 12:44 PM

Why not "Quiet things..." either one would be good. " Futures" I think would be a better choice for JEW

yoyostring 07/08/09 12:46 PM

whoaaaa that's awesome!

Charles777 07/08/09 12:46 PM

Bleed American and Deadbolt are amazing choices.

I'm DC 07/08/09 12:47 PM

TV On The Radio - "Wolf Like Me" hell yeah

This looks like a pretty stellar lineup. I may actually have to get it, even though I will never play it but once.

drewk16 07/08/09 12:51 PM

anyone else notice the new afi song "medicate"?? nice!