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imarealboy21 07/08/09 03:19 PM


Originally Posted by punker24 (Post 47669122)
reminds me of the cab's lady luck ep:

and all time low's tour poster for their money tour:

which all remind me of the mark, tom, and travis show:

i guess the cab and all time low's were more direct, but still

the same artest did the art work for the farewell album and the blink album maybe thats why

Hey Ashley. 07/08/09 03:27 PM

is that chewbacca wearing converse & holding a boombox? lol

lassise 07/08/09 03:32 PM

hopefully another japanese band will rip off the entire design and get their first recognition on AP for plagerism. am i just missing where it says farewell on the cover or is it going to be on the spine / not there?

seraph1214 07/08/09 03:32 PM

Cool album cover. Never listened to this band before but maybe I should start.

Allister Owens 07/08/09 03:37 PM


Kill_the_radio 07/08/09 03:42 PM


Originally Posted by Joe DeAndrea (Post 47666512)
Album is fantastic.

I demand a review, sir!

on a frequency 07/08/09 03:48 PM


Originally Posted by EastCoastLights (Post 47666322)
oh there's a guy in a mohawk and a dude with an against me shirt.

up the punx!!!

best avatar

CyrusTW 07/08/09 03:52 PM

I'm pretty sure I heard what ended up being the final mix of this record before it got mastered. It's amazing, it's such a growth from their last album. I'm stoked to see what these guys have in store for this album cycle.

heatherg 07/08/09 04:17 PM

i am so excited for this

Nick Le 07/08/09 04:20 PM

I like it.

youareallfreaks 07/08/09 04:22 PM

love the artwork

TheBreakup 07/08/09 04:25 PM

Bought the single yesterday.... its pretty bitchin'

Where is Kevin?? Is he driving the van?

admit to forget 07/08/09 04:33 PM

Im so excited(: This looks sick.

dru 07/08/09 04:34 PM


bloodyr0mance87 07/08/09 04:39 PM

this is pretty freakin awesome.