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Joe DeAndrea 07/19/09 11:02 PM

As Cities Break Up
As Cities Burn has broken up.

Submitted by p00nd0ggy

BATMAN~! 07/19/09 11:03 PM

nooo! :(

LikeAnAvalanche 07/19/09 11:04 PM

Sad : (!, also, kind of good, they were kind of falling in my opinion, happy to see them realize when it's time to move on. best of luck with everything they do in the future!

UnderMyDreams 07/19/09 11:04 PM

Don't listen to them, but I'm tired of all these bands breaking up! haha. Why can't the bad ones just break up.

dgoader 07/19/09 11:04 PM

NOOO!!!!! thats the worst news evar!!!!

WhoSaidThat? 07/19/09 11:05 PM


tdwplagues 07/19/09 11:05 PM

sad pants.

pleasedontpanic 07/19/09 11:05 PM

Cheers to one of the truly unique bands in the industry. Thanks for all ACB.

Ciattk 07/19/09 11:05 PM

I find it fucking "amusing" that bands like this break up, yet bands like BrokenCyde and Millionaires are making thousands.

Aceman87 07/19/09 11:05 PM

Not surprising

Max_123 07/19/09 11:06 PM

not surprised

joppyxtsl 07/19/09 11:06 PM

wow, this sucks

evry1willisten 07/19/09 11:07 PM

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooo

Goat01 07/19/09 11:07 PM

I wish I could say I was surprised, I thought I heard about this before?
Still, this bites.

AsItFallsApart 07/19/09 11:08 PM

sad panda