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Joe DeAndrea 07/20/09 06:19 PM

HORSE the Band Album Info
HORSE the Band will release Desperate Living on October 6th.

Track Listing
01) Cloudwalker
02) Desperate Living
03) The Failure of All Things
04) HORSE the Song
05) Science Police
06) Shapeshift
07) Between the Trees
08) Golden Mummy Golden Bird
09) Lord Gold Wand of Unyielding
10) Big Business
11) Rape Escape
12) Arrive

shoop 07/20/09 06:20 PM

niice. cant wait

surfslde6 07/20/09 06:20 PM

yes yes FUCK YES

denissuxx 07/20/09 06:24 PM

I should check this out. For fans of?

Charles777 07/20/09 06:32 PM

"Rape Escape"?

Josh Weinstein 07/20/09 06:35 PM


Originally Posted by Charles777 (Post 48883272)
"Rape Escape"?

It's a metaphor for the corrupt state of capitalistic health care in this country.

Charles777 07/20/09 06:37 PM


Originally Posted by Josh Weinstein (Post 48883582)
It's a metaphor for the corrupt state of capitalistic health care in this country.


zubinmoosa 07/20/09 06:40 PM

Will check it out

Ian Walker 07/20/09 06:40 PM

Yes! I was just wondering about these guys today, wondering when the new album was supposed to drop. Can't wait. :-)

boysandbulletsx 07/20/09 06:44 PM

I'm lookin' forward to this release. Just another good album coming out this fall.

princesschad 07/20/09 06:45 PM

HORSE the Song.

JayDanielHammer 07/20/09 06:52 PM

Cool, I thought their last effort was their best. I'm definitely down for this

quesosauce 07/20/09 06:57 PM

this band is bad

eclipsegts1 07/20/09 07:15 PM

I already heard this, and its pretty much what you expect from Horse The Band. Plus with some awesome Super Nintendo sample sounds haha.

Broclee 07/20/09 07:20 PM