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Paul Tao 07/21/09 11:49 AM

Frank Turner Live Video
You can watch a video of an impromptu Frank Turner set in the replies, taking place at Titan House in Philadelphia on one of the off days of his tour opening for The Offspring. His new record Poetry of the Deed is out September 7th on Epitaph.

Paul Tao 07/21/09 11:50 AM

sabinx 07/21/09 11:53 AM

Fucking love frank turner. I miss Million Dead, but I love franks stuff regardless.

DBZGTom 07/21/09 12:04 PM

Can't wait for the new cd

JohnDorian 07/21/09 12:06 PM

Possibly my third most anticipated release behind Thrice and Brand New.

reissgoespunk 07/21/09 12:09 PM

Frank deserves any success he gets. Such a great person aswell as artist.

Deadbolt01 07/21/09 12:11 PM

Frank is awesome. Great guy, and great musician.

cburton92 07/21/09 12:36 PM

Frank Turner = God.

JasonEpitaph 07/21/09 12:41 PM

sooo good.

Twikki 07/21/09 12:45 PM

love him so much <3

upthedudeocity 07/21/09 01:41 PM

amazing. i've been listening to love ire and song at least twice a day for the last like 2 weeks.

whyte39 07/21/09 02:55 PM

that is pretty awesome

lilmanc24 07/21/09 03:42 PM

best show ever

twotoneterror 07/21/09 03:53 PM

it wasn't impromptu at all, but it is amazing.

Prufrock 07/21/09 04:14 PM

Best lyricist out there. Fact.

ilovetocuddle 07/21/09 05:27 PM

i have so much respect for this guy. can't wait to hear the new album.

SEckwd 07/21/09 07:18 PM

i love how the basement is like the size of my room

letitenfoldyou 07/22/09 05:24 AM


Originally Posted by JohnDorian (Post 48950102)
Possibly my third most anticipated release behind Thrice and Brand New.

Thrice 1st
FT 2nd
Brand New 3rd

Can't wait for them all.

doritoz 07/22/09 12:33 PM


Metal Now 07/24/09 12:49 PM

I loves me some Frank Turner.