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freaking_engel 08/16/09 02:25 PM


Originally Posted by reconsider59 (Post 51774372)
Yeah, something's happening w/ TJT. Otherwise, I wouldn't think they'd use the band's site to spread the word, and Brett wouldn't be sending out personal messages to old TJT fans.

Brett getting a studio in SoHo is interesting news...

A studio? Where did you hear that?

gemini089 08/16/09 02:27 PM

this would make me very happy

musicalxchaos 08/16/09 02:28 PM

This just made my day.

nicnicnic 08/16/09 02:39 PM


derekmoyer4 08/16/09 02:42 PM

very interesting.

abusedcat 08/16/09 02:43 PM

fuck, i'm gonna put on emotion is dead.

Ruggiero2oo8 08/16/09 02:48 PM

yes please

invincibleXL 08/16/09 03:02 PM

hopefully brett and co. make another record. deadbeat sweetheartbeat was the shit. it was one of my favorite albums from that year

splitsecond 08/16/09 03:13 PM


Originally Posted by ThatGuy (Post 51774182)
i don't care what happens...detar creating music is a good thing, and no good thing ever dies

well Brett is in NYC now, buy him a beer and get the scoop.

fran.182 08/16/09 03:33 PM

If they reunited, I would be so happy! :-d

The Juliana Theory is one of my top 10 favorite bands. A new record would be fucking great!

I don't think they are coming back, though.

ashiex3 08/16/09 03:57 PM

I hope this means a reunion. But I'd be happy with anything from this band.

Mike Kraft 08/16/09 04:30 PM

There was reason for my recommending them this morning. Everyone needs to get psyched and get into this band if you have not already.

tait 08/16/09 04:43 PM


OneloveCartel 08/16/09 05:08 PM

i hope this means a tour. this band is far to good to go without me seeing them live

DItaliaO 08/16/09 05:23 PM


Originally Posted by abusedcat (Post 51775632)
fuck, i'm gonna put on emotion is dead.

if i told you this was killing me, would you, would you stop

awesome if they get back together.