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Mike Kraft 08/21/09 09:41 AM

Smartpunk The Used Pre-Order
Pre-order The Used's new album, Artwork, from Smartpunk and you will receive one ticket to the August 31st "SmartPunk.com presents: The Used" at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California.

Mike Kraft 08/21/09 09:41 AM

This is open to anyone in the state of California. Each CD purchased is ONE ticket into the show!

cowlord 08/21/09 09:46 AM

That's pretty sweet actually. Too bad I don't live in california, or even like the used.

zubinmoosa 08/21/09 09:50 AM

Really cool deal

lauren1234 08/21/09 09:53 AM

That's awesome for people who live in California.

BON 08/21/09 10:00 AM

might as well get this out of the way..

"omg! they're playing chain!? that place holds like 200 people, man they have really fallen off" - clueless moron

newave 08/21/09 10:03 AM

I've been so into them lately! Great new stuff

theBrightLights 08/21/09 10:10 AM

looks like they aren't anticipating too many pre-sales...

ezco25 08/21/09 10:18 AM

bo thanks

NeededYouMost 08/21/09 10:55 AM

i've had this for a while now...same old crap since Lies For Liars

Mattylikesfilms 08/21/09 11:19 AM


Originally Posted by NeededYouMost (Post 52193432)
i've had this for a while now...same old crap since Lies For Liars

Yeah it leaked like... a month or two ago. Haha

I actually like liars more than this but maybe that's cause after one listen I deleted the album?

This album will be a flop probably

TangledUp 08/21/09 11:26 AM

Well this might be awesome if I still lived 10 minutes away from Chain Reaction. Now it's about 2100 miles.

irthesteve 08/21/09 11:28 AM

i need to do this asap, Used at Chain will be insane

BottomsUp 08/21/09 12:56 PM

Chain is like 10 minutes away from my house, i would buy it and would love to go, except i have no extra money and i'm saving it all up for all the great tours this fall. FML for being 16 and no one fucking hireing, god damn so annoying! X-)

nickthehick2 08/21/09 01:31 PM

It's still not out? I had this a while ago. It's no good.