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Caleb Cattivera 04/11/06 11:42 PM

The Receiving End Of Awesome
Hey guys and gals. I just returned from a great show with The Receiving End Of Sirens, As Tall As Lions, and A Thorn For Every Heart. If you get the chance to head to this show, take full advantage. If you haven't checked out As Tall As Lions yet, I'd recommend doing so now. The Receiving End Of Sirens are one of the best live shows I've ever seen and this tour is worth the money to go to. So check it out! Dates can be found here.

whitelines 04/12/06 12:05 AM

So weatherbox is still doing these dates?

PerfectMess 04/12/06 12:12 AM

one of the greatest shows I've ever been to. Every band was just plain awesome live (although in my opinion any show with treos is a good show)

dontgrabtindy 04/12/06 12:24 AM

i will check out TREOS on their run with I Am The Avalanche

Take Heart 04/12/06 12:51 AM

Hear Hear. ATAL had van troubles and didn't play the show I went to, but TREOS is just incredible live. Good to see they're finally getting a decent fanbase built up, they deserve it

Emopunkthrice 04/12/06 12:55 AM


Originally Posted by whitelines
So weatherbox is still doing these dates?

I hear they are horrible, but I'm looking forward to this show.

Independant27 04/12/06 01:00 AM

One of the best shows I've ever seen.

whitelines 04/12/06 01:39 AM


Originally Posted by Emopunkthrice
I hear they are horrible, but I'm looking forward to this show.

You sir are incorrect. Brian Warren is a musicial genisus(sp?).

Now I'm going to the airport to start my journey towards Florida, see all your beautiful faces on Sunday.

SquidRoeQuo 04/12/06 01:43 AM

I've never heard as tall as lions, but...

TREOS is amazing and worth seeing.
ATFEH is absolute shit and makes me question music.

Why did they end up on that tour anyway, seriously? Shouldn't they be touring with from first to last or hawthorne heights or some bullshit band like that?

I'd be super super deadlocked about seeing a show like that. I think my head would explode! =(

muzik4lyf5000 04/12/06 05:34 AM

when ATFEH came out on stage and the lead singer sang his first note everyones jaw hit the floor. It was hilarious. These guys are like the spinaltap of the emo generation. Seriously every cliche you could ever think of rolled into one. I couldn't stop laughing

histrionics22 04/12/06 05:34 AM

ATFEH rules live.

updownleftright 04/12/06 05:51 AM

i didnt go last night, didnt feel like it. but my friend flimed all of treos so ill watch that later today i bet.

RockVocalPower 04/12/06 06:32 AM

TREOS rules; Caleb rules.

SydBarrett 420 04/12/06 06:48 AM

I saw this show Firday night and took pictures if anyone is interested. Heres a link:


FrancesdaMute 04/12/06 07:41 AM

brandon is losing his voice, or at least it sounded that way. Casey is still the man, and I wish I could dance like nate. Good show, but the best TREOS I saw was in Randolph, NJ awhile back.

The intro was real badass though, put a smile on my face.