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Julia Conny 08/30/09 09:34 PM

There For Tomorrow - 07.12.09
We've got some young hotshots on our hands! Not that There For Tomorrow act like hotshots. In fact, they're quite humble. But with their sweet sweet mix of hard-driving pop melodies and tender hooks, this Orlando band of four are riding a wave of success that's taken them to Japan with Hit The Lights and Valencia and then the far reaches of the U.S. on Warped Tour 2009. Oh yeah, and they released a full-length this summer, A Little Faster, off Hopeless Records. It's OK to say that they're doing well for themselves.

Jay (bass) and Christian (guitar) of There For Tomorrow sat down with AbsolutePunk to answers questions. Thanks to the band for taking the time to entertain our curiosity.

So, this is your first year on Warped Tour? Second year?

Christian: It's our first year doing the entire tour. The year before I was in the band, they were playing spot dates like the Orlando date or the Jacksonville date. So we're definitely familiar with the tour.

How's it going so far?

Jay: It's fun. It's rewarding at the same time.

Christian: Up until yesterday. Hello Montreal. It rained all day, and it was overcast all day. Huge storm. Someone told me that half the power went out in the city that day. All the power went out on our bus at some point. I don't even know why. And then the water wasn't going either. Yesterday was the first tough day. Every other day has been really sunny, and we love that because we're from Florida, you know.

But you guys should be used to rain coming from Florida.

Christian: Well yes, but when it rains in Florida, the sun is still out, let me tell you. It rains for an hour and then it's gone.

Can you talk to me about being from Florida? You guys are from Orlando, right? Where I'm from there are two types of local bands - the ones who do the local thing for a month or so and then try to get out there on national tours. Then there are the local bands that stay around for years and end up with a huge hometown following. Did you guys grow in the Orlando music scene, or did you jump on the road immediately?

Jay: We definitely grew up in the Orlando scene. Before we got Christian, we were a completely different band musically. We just wanted to shred (laughs). Our attitudes changed and we grew as musicians. I think we grew up with the scene in the sense that people who listened to us back then know that we are different type of band than we were.

I know when The Dangerous Summer signed to Hopeless Records, it was a dream come true for them because Hopeless was one of those labels that always seemed like they had their stuff together. When you signed, did you feel like, this is exactly what we wanted.

Christian: I think the biggest thing about signing with [Hopeless] is that we felt safe. We felt as though it was a good home for our band and that we weren't going to be stuck, a place to grow. I think they're one of the few labels out there that are still working hard and going at it. I think because of the economy and everything that is going on, a lot of labels are getting scared. The All Time Low record just came out, and I think they're saying that record is expected to sell 70k.

Jay: Everyone over there is really nice. They came out for the first few days of tour and hung out.

So let's talk about your album, A Little Faster, which just came out. Have you been playing a lot from A Little Faster out here on the tour?

Christian: We've been playing three new songs from A Little Faster. Six songs in our set, we only get thirty minutes a day. We're probably going to start squeezing another one in there sooner or later.

And you guys just came back from Japan. Was it your first time going there?

Jay: Yes. It was awesome. The people there are just generally passionate about hearing music at shows. And Japanese people really love to drink.

Christian: I can't even begin to explain. It's so different there. Coming back home, I couldn't even remember was the U.S. was like. It's such a culture shock. It felt like it went by so fast, and I never wanted to leave.

You were only there for what, a week or two?

Jay: Almost two weeks.

Well hopefully you guys get back over there soon.

Christian: Oh, I want to go back so bad. The kids there are incredible. A little crazy, but awesome.

Jay: It was kind of shitty coming from Japan, where everyone is respectful and always nice, to Houston, where we landed, where everyone is mean.

Christian: Yeah, the dude at customs was a dick! Even the people at customs in Japan are nice.

How were the crowds in Japan?

Christian: Awesome, they were all very good. Apparently, our tour was really successful. Almost all the shows were sold out.

What kind of venues were you guys playing?

Christian: Like 300 cap.

That's awesome for being all the way across the world.

Jay: And all the fans were incredible. They can understand English pretty well, I suppose. You say jump, and everybody jumps (laughs).

I always like to ask bands for recommendations of other acts we may have never heard of. So, any heads up you can give us? Some Japanese bands, maybe?

Christian: New Strike Zipper. They're from Japan. It's an all-girl band. Sick. So awesome. They're trying to come to the U.S. sometime.

Jay: And they're cool girls too. They're all like 26 but they look like their 12.

Christian: Yeah! That's another thing. Everyone over there looks younger than they actually are. There's also this really good band - they were supposed to be on Warped Tour, but I guess they couldn't muster up the money for the East Coast - The Lives Famous Men.

I love that band.

Christian: I think they're incredible.

Do you have any last words for AbsolutePunk?

Christian: For the people that love us on AbsolutePunk, why thank you. And for the people that hate us, stop reading our posts.

Simple as that.

billyboatkid 08/30/09 09:59 PM

I always love little interviews. Thanks

Iwudstilldie4u 08/30/09 10:10 PM

I love There for Tomorrow. A Little Faster was great and they are great guys in general.

rcos 08/30/09 11:00 PM

met them a little over a year ago in baltimore. cool dudes. they deserve all the success they get and I hope they come back again

tiannaj23 08/30/09 11:41 PM

Haha, I love Christian!

stevenisfading 08/31/09 12:16 AM

Can't wait to see them on the tour with HTL.
I love A Little Faster!

geebee889 08/31/09 03:38 AM

Great interview! They really are some of the most humble guys I've ever met. Very nice. :)

trappedintime 08/31/09 05:18 AM

Great guys. Just recently got really into them.

dookiedog 08/31/09 08:48 AM

great band!

erezzz312 08/31/09 09:25 AM

awww i love them so much
A Little Faster was one of the albums
that MADE my summer :) i hope that
they get to go on their own headlining
tour really soon

megnla 08/31/09 01:39 PM

Saw them play at warped in Houston and met them after. Great live show and really nice guys. I'm seeing them on their fall tour.

SuchAPerson22 08/31/09 03:14 PM

I absolutely love these guys! So good to see them having success :)