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Bostancic25 09/04/09 06:07 PM

Echo Screen - Goodbye Old Life
Echo Screen - Goodbye Old Life
Record Label: ES Music
Release Date: August 4, 2009

Goodbye Old Life is a fitting album title for a band that has been through plenty of ups and downs during their seven year career, when considering the roads Echo Screen have taken to get here. Abandoned by their record label shortly after releasing their first full length, things turned for the worse and forced the struggling trio to call an early hiatus at a crucial moment in their career. With the release of this highly thought-out EP, Echo Screen are prepared to wave goodbye to that old life. It's a musical journey fit not just for fans of the pop-punk sound to take. Calling on influences ranging from The Beach Boys to Death Cab For Cutie, the band has formulated a new style of pop-punk, one that is sure to catch on.

The album was produced by Ace Enders, and the lyrical influence of their legendary producer shines through on "The Ballad of Jack Shephard". Vocalist Shaune Scutellaro makes mention of plastic soldiers, a common element Ace has been known to use in the past, including on the cover of his first solo EP. But Goodbye Old Life's shinning moment comes on "Bombs Away." Born as one of many songs Scutellaro created for the bands returning EP, it showcases everything that is right with the band: a well-crafted acoustic jam with a catchy hook. In essence, it's a music fan's paradise. The other tracks, while not as noticeable, do add a dimension to the album that should not be overlooked. Each one provides something special to the musical journey.

After listening to Goodbye Old Life, it's hard to understand why the band has not yet gained the popularity they've worked so hard to earn. What could have been another pop-punk sound was turned into an intriguing mix of talent and musicianship. What more could anyone ask for?

Recommended If You Like; Death Cab for Cutie; The Early November; Mae

tottivillarossi 09/21/09 04:17 AM

Great review, and a very good album.

5cent tour 09/21/09 01:07 PM

I agree very good review. Great EP with great bonus material. Everyone should check this out!