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Julia Conny 09/09/09 03:15 PM

Close To Home Promise Silverstein
Close to Home has posted a new song on myspace featuring Shane Told of Silverstein.

Drown_The_City 09/09/09 03:18 PM

cool! but he doesnt sound that unique to make him a guest vocalist IMO

BurymeWalkAway 09/09/09 04:01 PM

whoa i like this band..

RiverfenixBen 09/09/09 04:30 PM

i emailed Jason Tate this news like 3 months ago when I got Close to Home's demos....

CTH are friends of mine...so I was wondering when this would finally show up on the damn page...didnt think it would be 3 months after I emailed him....

ndoleman 09/09/09 04:40 PM

they have 23 million plays and ive never heard of them wow. shane is the man though.

cory-182 09/09/09 04:41 PM

Wow. I never knew they'd attract someone as big as Shane.

ScarsThatSmile 09/09/09 04:42 PM

yea i never heard of them until i saw this and theyre fucking really good , i like them alot

xkristenxchaosx 09/09/09 05:17 PM

saw Silverstein about 2 weeks ago.

sick show.

joshuagilbert 09/09/09 05:23 PM

i saw this band at cornerstone and the guitarist did a guitar spin thing and the guitar flew off of him and he broke the neck in half. pretty funny stuff.

quickandsilver 09/09/09 06:07 PM


Originally Posted by ndoleman (Post 53565482)
they have 23 million plays and ive never heard of them wow. shane is the man though.

because the plays are FAKE

andrewa5 09/09/09 06:25 PM

I like this song, its pretty good!

JonRevolts 09/09/09 07:04 PM

I love this band! They are one of the most legit Independent bands I have ever seen. They were on a billboard in Hollywood for awhile and have done some amazing tours. Does anyone know if they got Shane to do it after they went on tour with Silverstein? Either way, AMAZING song! I am really excited about this album.

ndoleman 09/09/09 07:11 PM


Originally Posted by quickandsilver (Post 53570612)
because the plays are FAKE

i thought something like this, one of those bugs

endwithstyle 09/09/09 07:21 PM

I've been listening to Close To Home since early 2007, and it's so nice to see them get attention on the site, and praise from other users!

The new song is so good. I'm not too much of a fan of Silverstein or Shane's voice (sorry!), but it works for the song. :)

JonRevolts 09/09/09 07:27 PM

I'm pretty sure everything this band does is legit. I know they have been in millions of magazines from some sponsorship deals. I saw them play in Hollywood this past year and at this HUGE convention in Orlando, such an amazing band. I'm not a big Silverstein fan either but this song totally works.