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Ryan Imhof 04/27/06 09:06 PM

Coheed & Cambria Shooting Video
Coheed and Cambria will be shooting a video for "Ten Speed (Of God's Blood And Burial)" in LA this Saturday and are looking for fans to play a role in the video.
Requirements Preferred Attire:
Mostly black clothing with grey trim/accessories (belts, ties, etc) is preferred.
For men: button up shirts with collar are ideal. Military edge a plus.
For women: skirts, dresses (edgy), and otherwise flattering clothing
Black shoes are preferred (no white sneakers)
Black or platinum blonde hair is a bonus
Keywork tattoos a big bonus.
Do not mimic styles you've seen in other band's videos recently. Please keep Coheed in mind.

The Following Attire Is Prohibited
Absolutely no band shirts, shirts with adverts & logos or white belts

Please Bring ID And Come Dressed & Ready To Go

If you are interested, email coheedcambriavideo@yahoo.com (include a picture if possible) no later than 3pm, Friday, Apr 29 and you will receive instructions.

Submitted by: Pat Brown

GlassyLight 04/27/06 09:08 PM

Best damn pick for a single. Soooooo glad they didn't choose "Wake Up".

ironlionOROKU 04/27/06 09:33 PM

great song but all of coheeds videos have sucked

JoeShow 04/27/06 09:42 PM


Originally Posted by ironlionOROKU
great song but all of coheeds videos have sucked

good call.

but i have a theory if hey would have switched the concepts for the blood red summer and favor house atlantic videos around they would have been huge.

having the girls clapping and singing along in blood red summer would have been a good move

HiddenInNJ 04/27/06 10:13 PM

military edge... should be a sweet video

waggy 04/27/06 10:32 PM

great single choice. i'm a little surprised they haven't made the writing writer a single though.

.Dylan 04/27/06 10:56 PM

This might be my favorite song on the album.

[Brendan] 04/28/06 03:01 AM


Originally Posted by GlassyLight
Best damn pick for a single. Soooooo glad they didn't choose "Wake Up".

Couldn't have said it better myself.

jwsmith01 04/28/06 04:52 AM

Word cannot being to describe how happy I am with this pick for a video

actionandaction 04/28/06 05:06 AM

hahah, no white belts.

baton 04/28/06 07:08 AM

one of my favorite songs from new cd

Gigantor 04/28/06 07:46 AM

Friday April 29th? Today is Friday. Its April and its the 28th. Is this tomorrow? Is this next year or something?

My_tragedy_xXx 04/28/06 08:52 AM

Aresum... the best song on there new album... x)

KidInTheHall182 04/28/06 10:25 AM

AHHHHHHHH what a great pick for a video!! I hope they do something drastically different for this video...it sounds like they are. Great, great song.

A picasso blue 04/28/06 12:24 PM

i hope it has at least some minimal reference to the story. "The Suffering" video was so pathetic..what the hell is with an octopus and a centaur?