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Lueda Alia 09/15/09 11:29 AM

The Boxer Rebellion New Music Video
Watch The Boxer Rebellion's music video for "Flashing Red Light Means Go" in the replies.

Lueda Alia 09/15/09 11:29 AM

berd 09/15/09 11:49 AM

Oh man! So excited to see this band on AP!!!! Union is incredible :)

Alex_Burton 09/15/09 12:26 PM

Criminally underrated band.

Rysker6 09/15/09 12:33 PM

I dont know why but for some reason I read Boxcar Racer before even fully looking at the post, was so excited for those .3 seconds of confusion

Fonduecheddar85 09/15/09 03:06 PM

The bassest dude came to talk to our modern popular music class I took at FSU London. He played Watermelon and a couple others. I thought they were pretty decent, def radioheadish. I guess they are all brits but the current singer was taking classes at FSU London and met the band and they seemed to get along.

Either way, GO NOLES!

EDIT: I like the current sound better already, less like radiohead and more their own. Going on the ipod...