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Anton Djamoos 09/16/09 09:39 AM

Former This Day and Age Members Make New Album
Jeffrey Martin and Steve Padin (both fmr. This Day and Age) are working on a new 10-track album together. They will reveal the new project along with a song or two in the coming weeks.

denissuxx 09/16/09 09:42 AM

This sounds promising. TD&A need to reunite though

Roboman 09/16/09 09:43 AM

Yessss, it will be great to hear Jeff's voice again. TD&A's last album was magnificent. Of course, The Reign of Kindo are great too.

Brissona 09/16/09 09:48 AM

AWESOME! still listening to the bell and the hammer religiously

bluecrunchy 09/16/09 09:50 AM

Very excited about this.

brentkid 09/16/09 09:56 AM

Wow, can't wait for this.

tradeyourdemise 09/16/09 09:58 AM

Yay! So excited. Still waiting for news on Jeff's solo tour, though.

jerseysbest 09/16/09 10:02 AM

This is great news!

anamericangod 09/16/09 10:02 AM

Cannot wait for this.

jusscali 09/16/09 10:11 AM

Just what I needed. This will make me a very happy man

mybreakingpoint 09/16/09 10:16 AM

this is going be so good. can't wait.

Snails 09/16/09 10:16 AM


DarkBlue13 09/16/09 10:27 AM

now this is great news

peepeehat 09/16/09 10:42 AM


ashiex3 09/16/09 10:52 AM

I'm interested. Can't wait to hear this.