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Steve Henderson 09/19/09 09:44 AM

Lostprophets Album Title, New Single Video
Lostprophets have named their new album The Betrayed. The video for the first single, "It's Not The End Of The World" can be seen in the replies.

Steve Henderson 09/19/09 09:45 AM

denissuxx 09/19/09 09:47 AM


Sic Transit Zeb 09/19/09 09:49 AM

Boring but ii just saw three days grace released a new album. thought they broke up...

Dastly 09/19/09 09:51 AM

I dig it.

KRaider10 09/19/09 09:51 AM


CoreyHeat 09/19/09 09:52 AM

wow what a bad song with a huge music video budget

pens4life2 09/19/09 09:53 AM

I thought LP was supposed to be their drummer now?

thehereaway 09/19/09 09:54 AM


Charles777 09/19/09 09:59 AM

I like it.

im_FINK 09/19/09 10:02 AM

Not bad.

fsmith84 09/19/09 10:02 AM

For what they could write, this is absolute shit.

I may be one of seven listeners that actually really dug Liberation Transmission. They can write an unreal pop hook. There is nothing wrong with being a hard band that writes tune-rich music. But this is bland in every way.

mycuban 09/19/09 10:02 AM

That was pretty bad.

megajon 09/19/09 10:04 AM


Originally Posted by pens4life2 (Post 54202542)
I thought LP was supposed to be their drummer now?

Unfounded rumor. Luke Johnson (formerly of Beat Union) is their new drummer.

J_169 09/19/09 10:09 AM