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Lueda Alia 09/28/09 10:56 AM

Time And Distance Need Help
Time And Distance were robbed earlier this month, so if you can, please try to help them out. If you donate $5 or more, you will receive a free t-shirt.

npmshah 09/28/09 11:17 AM

That sucks. These guys write good music.

keystone 09/28/09 11:47 AM

and as I donated I found no links or anything for me to confirm a free T-shirt... Any secret link I have to click or something? Otherwise, I guess I just hope they send my size? Or maybe the shirt is a lie? hah

Who's Chris? 09/28/09 11:58 AM

hey, someone will email your address on file to confirm where to send and what size.

thanks for donating!!

denissuxx 09/28/09 12:12 PM


andthetruthwill 09/28/09 12:25 PM

Nobody deserves their shit stolen. Too bad this happened.

greganddistance 09/28/09 12:46 PM

thanks for the support guys! its definitely a bummer, we appreciate all the help we can get. if anyone happens to know anything somehow we are offering a reward for the return of our stuff... email gregdoesthings@gmail.com


itssoobvious 09/28/09 01:00 PM

"What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around"

seraph1214 09/28/09 01:42 PM

People who steal are the scum of the earth. Hope they get their stuff back.

kristanxmarie 09/28/09 01:45 PM

I hope they get their stuff back. This is such a damn good band. Gravity is one of my favorite records released this year.

JoeJealousy 09/28/09 01:51 PM

i will definitely be contributing 5 bucks....i hae to see this happen to such a solid band.

fueledbyvictory 09/28/09 04:30 PM

Isn't donating/receiving a shirt the same thing as buying? Anyways, that sucks. I hope they get their stuff back.

Thomas Nassiff 09/28/09 07:01 PM

i hate stuff like this, i recently got into them. just donated 7 bucks, its what i can do.

fasterNow! 09/28/09 07:38 PM

hey guys this is dan from NJ. Im really Sorry to hear about what happened. From now on the plants are on me k greg : )

ninthandash 09/28/09 08:42 PM

its an FML shirt haha