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jesse_hitz 10/02/09 06:34 PM


Originally Posted by TunedAgainst (Post 54986042)
I was mocking your lack of understanding in spelling by using "oa" as you did.It's a shame that you're not too bright.

I did but your brand of humor is that of a juvenile high school-er. As smart as you may think you are, your not.

Good day sir.

Dre Okorley 10/02/09 06:36 PM


Originally Posted by jesse_hitz (Post 54986181)
I did but your brand of humor is that of a juvenile high school-er. As smart as you may think you are, your not.

Good day sir.


Evelyn! 10/02/09 07:16 PM

great review, I'll have to go buy this album soon

augustana 10/03/09 05:48 AM

the lyrics aren't that great

aealeman 10/03/09 08:42 AM


Originally Posted by augustana (Post 54997631)
the lyrics aren't that great


bobcatbob18 10/03/09 01:41 PM


Originally Posted by BBScience (Post 54969261)
I'm always going to wonder how different these guys would sound with a male singer. It's not that I dislike Hayley's voice, its just a curiosity I can't get over.

Musically much of Brand New Eyes reminds me quite a bit of the Phantoms by Acceptance. Listen to the intro of Looking Up and then imagine instead of Hayley, Jason Vena comes in with that sexy voice of his. Honestly I quite enjoy the musicianship of Paramore. Obviously they aren't are the most technical group around, but sometimes simplicity can go a long way. Besides, Misery Business is good fun to jam out on guitar.

They would end up sounding much more of what is typical of 2009's pop music.

Corgkowznor 10/03/09 08:11 PM

I really like the first few tracks, and the last few tracks...the middle is kinda bland for me.

oncedarkness 10/03/09 10:01 PM

I think Misguided Ghosts may be my fave off the album. I just wish I didn't hear the guitar work on Moving Mountains by Thrice on it. Anyone else hear it?

owiseone35 10/05/09 11:59 AM

brand new eyes > Nothing Personal

cubine 10/05/09 02:27 PM

I keep hoping they'll make the instrumental work more interesting, they seem stuck in the rut of generic poppy post-hardcore guitar/drum parts. Not really happening on this one. Maybe next time around. I think Hayley's voice would compliment the group a lot more with something either less ridiculously straight ahead or something more technical.

ChrisCanberg 10/05/09 07:16 PM


Originally Posted by Paulb-182 (Post 54805411)
Crappy first single. I'll never bother to listen to this album. Can't say I've liked any of their stuff all but the first couple of singles off the debut though. Boring on the whole

You really can't judge this album based on Ignorance. I judged it before it even came out and I was drastically wrong. Ignorance sucks and does not portray what the album will be like. Its actually a very fine album. A lot of the guitar parts are better and while not every song is a knockout (Ignorance, Misguided Ghosts, All I Needed), there is still a lot of great material on this album. But save for a few clutch lines, the lyrics are really lackluster. they should've gotten lower than a 7. Sorry but its true.

ChrisCanberg 10/05/09 07:17 PM


Originally Posted by owiseone35 (Post 55105001)
brand new eyes > Nothing Personal

i know its a matter of opinion but absolutely not.

MBIIdollaBill 10/05/09 09:44 PM


Originally Posted by Julia Conny (Post 54804471)
In listening to this album, and then going back to Riot!, I have realized that I truly enjoy Paramore.

I think my world has been turned upside down.

im all for progression, like the later albums from brand new (the band, not this album), but im also the guy who likes the pop-punk origins of the band. same can be sed of paramore. im glad tht there are at least a few bands going in the rite direction, AKA not ending up sounding like the jonas bros by their 2nd or 3rd record. but conversely i also dnt think there is anything wrong w/ energetic, clever pop punk. o well, its all good B-)

AJohn~ 10/06/09 03:59 PM

Not a big fan of this album to be honest. Misguided Ghosts bores me to be honest (of course, I am deeply into hard rock), and Hayley does seem to shout sing a lot, especially in Brick By Boring Brick and Careful. I'm personally disappointed with this album, and sadly I think it's forgettable. That includes lyrics too. I love relatable lyrics..

And just out of curiousity, what the hell happened to Zac Farro's screaming? I loved My Heart, and that song did give the spotlight to someone else in the band besides Hayley.

Ignorance, Playing God and Where the Lines Overlap are my favourites on the album, The Only Exception and Misguided Ghosts are the songs that I hate the most!

Oh, to the person who said that Hayley's singing on this album will damage her vocals, you are correct. Hayley recently got laryngitis (I'm a crap speller if that's wrong XD), which I would put down to vocal abuse.

AWKIF > Riot > BNE

WhoSaidThat? 10/07/09 04:04 PM

Still really like this album. And I'm stoked they outsold Mariah!