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Anton Djamoos 10/11/09 11:28 AM

Every Night's a Celebration...
Today is Gabe Saporta's (Cobra Starship) 30th birthday.

denissuxx 10/11/09 11:29 AM

Fuck you Gabe

UnderMyDreams 10/11/09 11:29 AM

I hope it's a Hot Mess, and you're loving it hell yes.

kbi the crowing 10/11/09 11:29 AM

& he still dresses like a scene kid?

Here It Goes 10/11/09 11:31 AM

Some people have grown up by 30, congrats Gabe on growing down.

HometownHero 10/11/09 11:32 AM

Thirty years old making music like he does? Disgrace

katiebaima 10/11/09 11:33 AM

too old for this shit

deezee 10/11/09 11:35 AM

Old man...

ajaggedpulse 10/11/09 11:36 AM

happy birthday.

ianxcurtis 10/11/09 11:36 AM

Happy birthday!

deezee 10/11/09 11:37 AM

Haha I was joking about the old man, but this whole thread is funny. Fuck saying happy birthday bring on the insults!!


Dunn.Nope 10/11/09 11:38 AM

keep dressing like a 14 year old dog, it gets cooler the older you get

NationalProduct 10/11/09 11:38 AM

happy birfday negro

muttley 10/11/09 11:39 AM


apsterling 10/11/09 11:40 AM

God I wish I could hate you for the rest of my...