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InsomniacDoze 10/21/09 09:35 AM


Originally Posted by SKM (Post 55676721)
This band fucking sucks. This genre fucking sucks too.

I can't figure out why Drew gets his rocks off giving high scores to these garbage bands that sound exactly the same like all the other shit out there.

Converge sounds like a bunch of idiots banging on trash cans in a basement yelling their heads off. Any group of morons could replicate this kind of music. It has ZERO value.

Anyone notice how after people started getting on his ass about it, he just stopped insulting the band and tried to be more polite? What a tool.

turdblast 10/23/09 12:59 AM

ees so good

navidson 10/29/09 09:20 AM

Never been a huge fan of Converge - Although 'Jane Doe' has a couple of decent tracks.

I can see why they would polarise opinions so much - They do border on unlistenable noise several times over each of their albums - and whilst people on here like to point out that record sales don't equal quality, they're equally keen to point out that since Converge have been around for TWENTY YEARS - that qualifies them as being a wonderful example of artistic endeavour.

In terms of musicianship, the drumming and guitar work is definately accomplished - but i would suggest that's something which can be achieved through practice, whereas the ability to write a distinctive melody or harmonies within the structure of a song is something which very few people can create.

John Collins 12/12/09 09:56 AM

i took me so long to get inot this band. i hated them at first. being the huge pop-punk nerd i am. but then i read their lyrics and examined their music carefully, and its prettty awesome, only when im angry though. haha

Mith 07/27/10 04:34 PM

I know Ive read this review late to the albums release, but I just wanted to say that reading this made me want to give it another listen, I like the record, and I know i'm only going to like it more, but I know I have to give it time, at first it went over my head, to advanced for me, but I'm getting there slowly. good review.

Mith 07/27/10 04:36 PM


Originally Posted by kevinAIWW (Post 55881022)
Anyone car to tell me what I can compare these guys to musically? I think I might like these guys, but I want a good basis before I go searching for them while at school.

i'm not sure for bands, but genre wise they are a good mix of thrashy hardcore, with their roots firmly planted in a mathcore sound.

youngmountain 10/25/10 05:06 AM

The production on this is a 10.