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Adam Pfleider 10/26/09 10:20 PM

Narrows - New Distances
Narrows - New Distances
Record Label: Deathwish Inc.
Release Date: May 12, 2009

I'm in no sense of the word a metal guy, which is why I've always wondered why I like feedback, driving guitars, heavy drumming and more brutal than br00tal screaming. I love post-hardcore, or something like it. I love that many of the bands intertwine members and create something new - from the ashes of something produces a new, coarse material wall of fury. I am a sucker for angry sirens.

Narrows is my next infatuation. Taking what they've started with their self-titled EP, New Distances expands, and gives the listener more return for their ears. Off the bat: Yes. Dave Verellen (formally of Botch) has brought his screams back from the ashes. But don't jump on the bandwagon because of Verellen's part, members Jodie Cox and Ryan Frederiksen's guitar work and counterpoint to each other is just as great as the rhythm section of drummer Sam Storhers and bassist Rob Moran.

The album isn't without it's calming numbers. After two blazing opening tracks, "A Restoration Effect" is a smooth instrumental that still feels as cold as its preceding tracks. Broken up by the infuriating "I Give You Six Months" and classic hardcore styling of "Changing Clothes," "Newly Restored" picks up where "Effect" left off, the driving set of teeth sinking into the bottom loaf of bread.

After the background audio of "The Fourragere" and instrumental climb into white noise that is the closing "Marquis Lights," you're yearning for two things: more, and wondering about the album's balance.

Though New Distances clocks in around half an hour, the beginning leaves you so clobbered that you drift into the album's ending numbers. This is not to say the more easing track aren't without their glory, but it tends to offset the experience just a tad. This is a good start for the band, and it keeps me hopeful for the future of this group of musicians. I don't know if it's considered metal per se, but it slays me for the time being.

Track Listing1. Chambered
2. Sea Witch
3. A Restoration Effort
4. I Give You Six Months
5. Changing Clothes
6. Newly Restored
7. Gypsy Kids
8. The Fouragere
9. Marquis Lights

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spartanfan10 10/27/09 05:44 AM

Absolutely love this record. Another fantastic example of dynamics in a hardcore record. Surprised it took so long to get this review up.

Euterpe 10/27/09 07:19 AM

can anyone give me a better idea of what they actually sound like? im into hardcore, but like regin supreme and impending doom stuff

NicoleDW 10/27/09 08:41 AM

If you like Reign Supreme, this may not be your favorite record. It's a different type of hardcore - not so mosh-centric. You can listen to some songs on myspace -myspace.com/narrows or at the deathwish website - all of our records have audioplayers to preview select songs.

Narrows is playing shows with Trap Them and Cave In.

11/15: Richmond, VA @ Canal Club w/ Trap Them
11/16: Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade w/ Trap Them
11/17: Charlotte, NC @ Casbah w/ Trap Them
11/18: Baltimore, MD @ Sonar w/ Trap Them
11/19: Brooklyn, NY @ The Knitting Factory w/ Cave In, Trap Them
11/20: Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church w/ Cave In, Trap Them
11/21: Providence, RI @ Club Hell w/ Cave In, Trap Them
11/22: Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East (Downstairs) w/ Cave In, Trap Them

yellowhouse 10/27/09 09:02 AM

I wanted to love this album so bad, but I lost interest after a few listens.

It made me sad.

WakingTheMisery 10/27/09 10:10 AM

Yeah, I think I listened twice and deleted this.

popdisaster00 10/27/09 10:40 AM

Not impressed with their myspace but I can see why people like them

DogSizedBird 10/27/09 08:48 PM

I definitely love this band. New Distances is definitely a grower.