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Jeremy Aaron 11/03/09 10:47 AM

Yppah - They Know What Ghost Know
Yppah - They Know What Ghost Know
Record Label: Ninja Tune
Release Date: June 23, 2009


Yppah is the one-man project of Houston's Jose Corrales, Jr. They Know What Ghost Know is his second full-length release, following 2006's You Are Beautiful at All Times.

How Is It?

Yppah's mixture of trip-hop, post-rock and just a touch of dream pop is hard to classify and is probably best described as ambient electronic. They Know What Ghost Know isn't quite as interesting, but is probably a little more listener friendly, than the overlooked, and often spectacular You Are Beautiful at All Times. Vocal-free music doesn't get much catchier than the album's highlight "Gumball Machine Weekend." Corrales's knack for writing these memorable "instrumental" pieces has landed some of Yppah's recordings on the big screen (in the feature film 21) as well as on TV (an episode of CSI)-- hopefully some hipper placements are on the horizon-- but even when the songs aren't so immediate, like "The Moon Scene 7," there's simply so much at work it's hard not to be engaged by it. There are the looped samples and compressed sound of trip-hop, buzzing prog-rock keys, and an epic-sounding space rock backdrop. Perhaps it's what Portishead's third album would have sounded like had they waited only five or six years to record it instead of eleven. The psychedelic organ on the title track and the swirling electronic sounds of "City Glow" further complicate the task of ascribing a label to the album. No matter what you call it, They Know What Ghost Know is most remarkable for defying easy categorization while remaining so readily enjoyable and not confounding the listener.

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Track Listing1. Son Saves the Rest (4:00)
2. Gumball Machine Weekend (3:59)
3. Playing With Fireworks (4:13)
4. Shutter Spiced (3:53)
5. The Moon Scene 7 (4:39)
6. They Know What Ghost Know (4:49)
7. City Glow (4:06)
8. Sunflower Sunkissed (3:51)
9. The Tingling (3:43)
10. Bobbie Joe Wilson (3:42)
11. A Parking Lot Carnival (4:10)
12. Southern Sky Tells (4:20)

Check out Yppah on Myspace and last.fm.

princesschad 11/03/09 07:43 PM

might be the first time I've seen Aphex Twin referenced on this site.

Gregory Robson 11/04/09 06:41 AM

I like this music. Thank you sir for thinking outside of the box. Good recommendation. So thank you!

cnushart 11/04/09 01:53 PM

They Know... is not nearly as great of an album as Beautiful but it is a decent album. I highly recommend the first for long drives, walks through the city, or any activity involving headphones. The layers of melody introduced one-at-a-time build upon eachother constructing a monument of sonic euphoria.

In short, in my top 5 of all time albums.