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Blake Solomon 11/03/09 10:23 PM

Beatles Suing
EMI is suing BlueBeat for selling The Beatles catalog without permission.

Submitted by xshady121

Zippedychick 11/03/09 10:24 PM

Well that sucks.

krischel 11/03/09 10:25 PM


neo506 11/03/09 10:26 PM

oooo shit.

crimsonandclovr 11/03/09 10:30 PM

hahaha yeah when i read the news post earlier, i was thinking it was a bit weird that they chose a random site to release it on...

anthonydarko 11/03/09 10:30 PM

Well BlueBeat is going to have way lighter pockets after this is said and done.

GregisXcore 11/03/09 10:31 PM

that took long haha

heyzombiehitler 11/03/09 10:31 PM

Oh please.

evvandflow 11/03/09 10:36 PM

cuz they really need it

mrnegativezero 11/03/09 10:40 PM

Dang. I was surprised to see that other post earlier considering that their music is rarely distributed. Does EMI hold the rights? I remember hearing a rumor that Michael Jackson had the rights once, but now who has them?

iblamethegovt 11/03/09 10:42 PM


Originally Posted by evvandflow (Post 56772411)
cuz they really need it

the point

your head

greenteaallday 11/03/09 10:47 PM

Honestly what did they think was going to happen.

Luke_McCain 11/03/09 10:49 PM

theyre totally gonna win. EMI clearly had rights. everyone knows that.

deezee 11/03/09 10:51 PM

Ugh... Why don't people just buy the damn cd's and convert them? I don't get it...

Thug_Nasty 11/03/09 11:03 PM

that took a while