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Anton Djamoos 11/08/09 09:17 PM

Calling All This Day and Age Fans
Looks like Jeff Martin and Steven Padin of This Day and Age will release their new album in January. A song or two from the album will be available this month on myspace.

Wisher 11/08/09 09:20 PM

oh hell yes this day and age is so underrated.

dtrzcin 11/08/09 09:23 PM


le_rawr 11/08/09 09:25 PM

oh sweet jesus I'm excited

spiffa0 11/08/09 09:28 PM


Keagan Ilvonen 11/08/09 09:29 PM

Should be good stuff.

laxcrs 11/08/09 09:30 PM


MCSmate 11/08/09 09:32 PM

yes. anything with them is a must.

mybreakingpoint 11/08/09 09:34 PM

hooooooooooly shit, i'm so excited.

CT-Tim 11/08/09 09:40 PM

Very excited!

Cue the Sun 11/08/09 09:40 PM

Whaaat! I had no idea they were even working on anything!

*busts out Always Leave the Ground*

HometownHero 11/08/09 09:42 PM

That is amazing news

Shakriel 11/08/09 09:51 PM

Great news.

sweetfootaction 11/08/09 09:53 PM

I hope everyone supports TD&A come tour time. I don't want Jeff to stop making music again.

foisol 11/08/09 10:01 PM

It's still not This Day & Age :( but I'll still listen to it