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Mike Kraft 11/09/09 04:00 PM

Rise Records Sign Sleeping With Sirens
Sleeping With Sirens have signed to Rise Records.

xsinkshipsx 11/09/09 04:10 PM

so they signed a skylit drive?


ndoleman 11/09/09 04:11 PM

Screams are bad, singing sounds good. Just another rise band though

TerrancePryor 11/09/09 04:11 PM


Riveting lyrics are what can only make the voice of Kellin sound even better as he smoothly combines screaming and singing.

Do bands pay someone to write shitty bios?

Keagan Ilvonen 11/09/09 04:22 PM

Sounds better than a lot of Rise bands but nothing great. Hard to tell with only one song.

ship of fools 11/09/09 04:23 PM

Are vnecks still cool?

Max_123 11/09/09 04:23 PM

was just about to submit this haha
yeah yeah, they're just another Rise band but he's got a great voice

Nick Le 11/09/09 04:27 PM

This was the band that had like a big build-up to their MySpace that I thought was very anti-climactic. I think.

Edit: I like the clean vocals a lot though.

Taking_Frags 11/09/09 04:29 PM

sweet hair broz

red8ge 11/09/09 04:33 PM

Ever notice everytime rise signs a band, they suddenly get 20 shirts on merchnow?

NationalProduct 11/09/09 04:50 PM

i heard a bunch of the demos and im normally not a hardcore kid, but they have some softer stuff i really dig, congrats guys. not many bands ever get the chance at a record deal so congrats. its what every band wants, and i hope you guys do well

tyramail 11/09/09 04:50 PM

not bad, but hard to judge with only one song.

PoweredbyPJ 11/09/09 04:54 PM

this band is really good. they had 2 songs up before but took them down today. i liked them both waaay more then the one they just put up today.

Max_123 11/09/09 04:57 PM


Originally Posted by tyramail (Post 57086261)
not bad, but hard to judge with only one song.

if you want to PM me they have other songs but they took them down, not sure why

JoeJealousy 11/09/09 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by ship of fools (Post 57084052)
Are vnecks still cool?

yep, but vests are waaaay cooler