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Verbal Kent 11/10/09 09:09 AM


Originally Posted by PoweredbyPJ (Post 57121732)
just wanted to say thanks for reposting this vid in the thread. I was gonna but you beat me to it
its such a solid performance

just wonderin, whats so bad about it?


TakenByCars 11/10/09 09:35 AM

a band worth checking out. i dig the sweet vocals.

citiesunderdan 11/10/09 09:51 AM


Originally Posted by red8ge (Post 57085022)
Ever notice everytime rise signs a band, they suddenly get 20 shirts on merchnow?

rise bands typically get a deal with merch now where they are fronted the money for a few shirts and then they pay back the company through sales. i talked to alex from oceana and thats what he told me

WaterViolence 11/10/09 10:12 AM

Myspace song is hot.

willvc 11/10/09 10:44 AM

Well, dang.. they were on a roll.

JokeEmIfUGotEm7 11/10/09 10:54 AM

this band has a lot of potential, i'm very interested to see what these guys can do.

and yeah i think they could've done a LITTLE better on the band name. it's alright, but they can could come up with something cooler

YoTengoRabbi 11/10/09 11:25 AM


Originally Posted by JoeJealousy (Post 57087892)
yep, but vests are waaaay cooler

shit... I am wearing a v-neck AND a vest right now... and I just had an existential crisis revolving around the fact that I am now associated with shit music and Rise Records.

denissuxx 11/12/09 03:33 PM


drewtla 12/13/09 09:06 PM

the singer was once in for all we know

JustinHills 12/23/09 01:53 PM

haha oh man, we'll never catch our break with that video online. We should probably take it off eh?

JustinHills 12/23/09 01:57 PM


Originally Posted by barkingincision (Post 57101592)
i knew this band would get signed
good vocals, though it's an obvious attempt at jonny craig. they're even on tour with him.
the production quality is atrocious.

I wouldnt say all that now. Kellin has had that singing style since before DGD was a band. It just so happens that there is nothing left to do that is considered "Original" I mean, come on, how long has music been around? haha

Zachariaahh 12/30/09 02:31 PM


Originally Posted by drewtla (Post 58861121)

the singer was once in for all we know

the singer was not in for all we know, the only members for all we know are gabe the drummer and justin the guitarist. the vocalist for them was nick barham who went to attack attack and then left them.

manontheside 02/23/10 11:51 AM

Jesus in the Southern Sky.

Through Silence 02/23/10 01:04 PM

Zachariahh, he was in for all we know for a short while...A really short while. Look it up.