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Lueda Alia 11/11/09 08:59 AM

Glass America - 11.11.09
Glass America's vocalist and guitarist, Jared, took the time to answer the following questions for us!

How did you get your band name?

When we were seniors in high school, someone gave me a pen for this glass company near my house called Glass America. I thought it was a cool name and had some slight political undertones if you think about it too much. After trying in vain to superimpose some sort of clever, deep meaning on it, we just decided to tell people itís a glass company and we thought it sounded cool.

How did the band get started?

Micah and I (Jared) have played together in various worship teams since 7th grade. We had a punk band in high school called Last Minute Heroics, which is when John joined us. Weíve been playing together writing our own stuff since then. Glass America is sort of a continuation of that but our style is completely different now.

What bands are you influenced by?

We all listen to post rock/instrumental stuff like Sigur Ros, Caspian, God Is An Astronaut, etc. We try not to be ďinfluencedĒ by what we listen to but I think thatís inevitable to an extent. I think itís possible to like something without copying it but happens more often than not with most artists. We all have our own tastes that donít affect how we write. Lately, Iíve been on a country/folk kick like the stuff Robert Plant did with Alison Krauss and Or, the Whale but that doesnít translate into the stuff I write.

If you could tour with any bands, past or present, who would it be and why?

Iíd love to tour with Sigur Ros because theyíre amazing live and theyíve been so revolutionary in our genre. I think God Is An Astronaut would also be fun to tour with.

Why should people listen to your band?

I donít really know, to be honest. We try to write stuff that we would want to listen to ourselves and that we think is good but beyond that, weíre not trying to achieve any particular sound or style. Weíre somewhat unique for our genre because we have more vocals than most post rock bands. Vocally, I try to create what I want to hear other bands doing but havenít heard yet, if that makes sense. Itís difficult for a lot of Americans to get into our music I think. The main hub of our genre is in Europe right now. Itís slowly making its way over here through incredible bands like Caspian and This Will Destroy You but most of the bands that we are associated with are European which is exciting because thereís a lot of unexplored territory in the genre but itís challenging because a lot of kids have a hard time getting into it.

If you won a Grammy, who would you thank?

Anyone who has supported us in any way through encouraging us, coming to a show, buying our album, or paying for guitar lessons (my parents).

If you could change something about the music industry, what would it be?

The whole thing needs to be revolutionized in my opinion. I think file sharing and other ways of getting music for free are definitely helping. Thatís one of the reasons why we made our album available for free. The music industry has become about substance-less, catchy music to make a buck. That stuff can definitely be entertaining but at the end of the day, itís absolutely meaningless. With file sharing and other ways to get music for free, itís becoming more and more about the actual quality of the music and not about making money, which I think is great. When the money is off the table, artists are more apt to write quality, honest stuff thatís not produced to make money. Obviously you need money to do stuff in the music industry. Iím not saying itís wrong to sell a lot of records and be known. I just think the big business side of music needs to go and with it the shallow songwriters and producers who have forgotten about the integrity of the music. The most well-crafted, genius music is stuff you will never hear on the radio.

Memorable tour experience?

Definitely the first show we played together as a band. We played this dive in Manchester, New Hampshire. There was this crappy bar with Gatorade and chips and about 20 people there (mostly people in the bands we played with).

What is your favorite song to play?

Right now, a new one weíre working on called ďEntropy.Ē

What music reminds you of your childhood?

Music from 90s video games.

Do you feel that your band has "made it"?

If your band has ďmade it,Ē I question why youíre doing it in the first place.

What is something that most fans don't know about you?

We are very serious about our music but we donít take ourselves seriously at all.

only the clouds 11/11/09 10:23 AM

big fan of these guys.

ReturnedSnowDay 11/12/09 01:55 AM

Me too.