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Blake Solomon 11/15/09 04:13 PM

Fall Out Boy On A Break
EDIT: Andy has changed his language from "hiatus" to "break." Fear not, little ones.

According to Andy of Fall Out Boy, the band is officially on hiatus.

Submitted by blitzvergnugen

zubinmoosa 11/15/09 04:13 PM


Chrisshanahan87 11/15/09 04:14 PM

yeah its been obvious since they said "what a catch" was kind of their swan song.

FueledByRock 11/15/09 04:15 PM

Do they still have shows scheduled?

RecklessXRandy 11/15/09 04:15 PM


TalkShowsOnMute 11/15/09 04:16 PM


coryatlarge 11/15/09 04:17 PM

haha its funny reading all the tweets andy sent to people after he posted that.

cory-182 11/15/09 04:18 PM

Not sad about this at all.

ManicanParty49 11/15/09 04:18 PM

Laaaame. But definitely not unexpected.

Bi11 Lumburgh 11/15/09 04:18 PM

old news is old

Praetor 11/15/09 04:19 PM

Oh shit

TZero26 11/15/09 04:19 PM

they deserve a break. hell of a run these last few years

cory-182 11/15/09 04:19 PM

Fitting time to release a Greatest Hits album.....

deFobbed14yrs 11/15/09 04:20 PM

yuoyup, they need a break

Illuminate 11/15/09 04:21 PM

Hope they're not "forgotten" when they come back.