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Garett Press 11/24/09 09:42 AM

The First Joke & Other Matters
Jeffrey Martin and Steven Padin of This Day and Age have just finished recording a new album entitled The First Joke & Other Matters. You can look for some tunes to pop up soon both here and on myspace.

1. Page in Book
2. Perelandra
3. In This Story
4. Farewell, The Company
5. Forrest (Forest)
6. Winston Was Here
7. Look Me Listen, Listen Me Look
8. Smile, Future
9. Note to Friends
10. Runway

laxcrs 11/24/09 09:43 AM

cant wait

Iwudstilldie4u 11/24/09 09:48 AM

I appreciate the Narnia reference.

Anton Djamoos 11/24/09 09:53 AM

I will listen to this.

brentkid 11/24/09 10:02 AM

This is awesome news.

derekmoyer4 11/24/09 10:03 AM


Garett Press 11/24/09 10:10 AM

i'm digging those song titles

zubinmoosa 11/24/09 10:11 AM

Are they releasing it under "This Day and Age"?

tradeyourdemise 11/24/09 10:12 AM

Best news ever.

blindrider529 11/24/09 10:15 AM

I definitely want this now.

losethegirl 11/24/09 10:34 AM

Jeff Martin and Steve Padin are two of the nicest, most talented guys and I can't wait to hear this.

davidarechiga 11/24/09 10:34 AM

I feel like this is totally random. cant wait.

mybreakingpoint 11/24/09 10:39 AM

holy most anticipated album right now, batman!

woominlee2 11/24/09 11:32 AM

So many band reunion articles popping up. I love it!

p93 11/24/09 11:37 AM

I am really stoked for this. I just want to know if it'll be a This Day and Age release, or something else?